Alberta, A must visit for nature lovers

Albertans enjoy a very high quality of life. They enjoy the lowest overall taxes in Canada with among the highest level of services. They have the highest disposable incomes in Canada and the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. Alberta also has:

  • a strong and vibrant economy
  • a young, skilled and productive workforce
  • affordable living costs
  • a strong commitment to innovation and knowledge-based progress
  • a highly entrepreneurial and competitive business community
  • a business-friendly province committed to responsible regulation
  • a modern and efficient infrastructure
  • an abundance of natural resources
  • a beautiful natural environment

Albertans have a big, beautiful backyard to play in. Alberta's provincial parks and protected areas provide access to some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in North America, including more dinosaur fossils than any other single spot on the planet; the world's only boreal forest songbird observatories; the largest collection of aboriginal rock art on the North American Plains; a glacier; majestic mountains and so much more.
Tax Advantage

  • Alberta has by far the lowest combined provincial and municipal tax burden among the provinces, at 53% of the national average.
  • The lowest top marginal personal income tax rate among the provinces at 39%-29% federal and 10% provincial.
  • No provincial sales tax.
  • At 9.0 cents per litre, Alberta has the lowest gasoline tax rate among the provinces, 2.5 cents per litre below Manitoba, and the second lowest general corporate income tax rate in Canada at 11.5%.
  • Businesses also benefit because Alberta has no general sales tax, capital tax or payroll tax.
  • Alberta's small business corporate income tax rate of 3% is the second lowest in Canada.

Beautifull Places

Edmonton city skyline and North Saskatchewan River
Moraine Lake, Banff National Park
Calgary city skyline and Saddledome