Manitoba, A great mix of cosmopolitan sophistication and wide open teritory, unforgettable place

Where is Manitoba?
Canada is divided into ten provinces and three northern territories. Manitoba is a large province located in the centre of Canada. Over one million people call Manitoba home, and nearly 700,000 of these people live in the city of Winnipeg. There are also a number of towns of various sizes – many of these towns are scattered across the southern region of the province. 

Areas of Manitoba
While Manitoba is a large province, there is a lot to see and do without having to travel far.

Northern Manitoba has an incredible landscape. The area contains many clean lakes and beautiful provincial parks, and a large amount of wildlife. Many fish, birds, and wild animals live in the area, and the town of Churchill is considered the polar bear capital of the world.

Central Manitoba contains Manitoba’s two biggest lakes – Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. There are also a number of small and mid-sized towns in Central Manitoba, as well as large forests and a number of smaller lakes.

Most Manitobans live in the southern area of the province. Farming and agriculture play an important role in Manitoba’s economy, and most of Manitoba’s farms are in the southern area of the province. The city of Winnipeg is also located in southern Manitoba. Manitoba shares a border to the south with the United States. 

Did you know?

  • The province of Manitoba was established in 1870. Louis Riel established the first government in Manitoba, and negotiated the province’s entry into Canadian confederation.
  • Manitoba has many francophone communities, both in the city of Winnipeg and in rural Manitoba. Many Franco-Manitobans still speak French (one of Canada’s two languages) and keep francophone traditions alive in the province.
  • Manitoba is home to a number of provincial and national parks – large, beautiful natural spaces protected and cared for by the Governments of Manitoba or Canada. These parks are home to many species of plants and animals.
  • Located a 30 hour train ride north of Winnipeg, the town of Churchill is home to the only inland sea port. It is also considered the world’s polar bear capital. Beluga whales are often seen near Churchill in Hudson Bay.
  • Manitoba is home to over 100,000 lakes – driving 30 minutes will almost always get you to a clean, unspoiled lake.