Quebec, the heart of French Canada

The heart of French Canada, where English is considered a distant second language, Quebec (pronounced 'KebEck') is unlike anywhere else in North America. The culture, architecture, music, religion and way of life is truly unique. 

The capital of the province, Quebec City, has a very noticeable European feel to it. Modern buildings are few and far between, but the impressive design of the walled city is quite overwhelming in it's location on a hill on the side of the Saint Lawrence River. 

In Montreal (pronounced 'Mor'E'Al) English and French are spoken side by side. Being served at a shop or restaurant, you never know which language the person will speak. Over 40% of Quebec's population live here making it the second largest French speaking city in the world. The Bi-Lingual status of Montreal makes for a decidedly different air to other Canadian cities. Most of the downtown of this Olympic city can be accessed by underground malls that consist of over 40km of passages lined with shops and restaurants, linked by malls and the popular Paris style Metro.

Each year, Québec welcomes an average of some 45,000 immigrants from over 100 countries who actively participate in its economic, social and cultural development.

Is Québec made for you? Are you made for Québec? To answer these questions, what could be better than taking an exploratory trip to find out.  If that’s not possible, you should consult us for as many sources of information as possible.

An immigration project must be well planned and documented. The more you know about Québec, the better you will be able to make informed decisions and the best choices for you!

Beautifull Places

Boardwalks in Anse-aux-Coques
Public Market in Laval
Plateau Mont-Royal
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