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Start Up VISA Canada


The intra-company transferee program allows people to temporarily work in Canada. This program is designed for Canadian Corporate Immigration, allowing multinational companies with a branch, parent company, affiliate or subsidiary in Canada to temporarily transfer foreign workers.

Thus, if a foreign company is opening a Branch/company in Canada and want to transfer one of their senior staff or one of the management person to Canada, they can do so. The Foreign National will get a work permit to work in Canada and establish the company in Canada.

Requirements for the company

  1. Generally, the company must secure physical premises to house the Canadian operation, particularly in the case of specialized knowledge. However, in specific cases involving senior managers or executives, it would be acceptable that the address of the new start-up not yet be secured; for example, the company may use its counsel’s address until the executive can purchase or lease a premise.
  2. The company must furnish realistic plans to staff the new operation
  3. The company must have the financial ability to commence business in Canada and compensate employees.
  4. When transferring executives or managers, the company must
    a. demonstrate that it will be large enough to support executive or management function.
  5. When transferring a specialized knowledge worker, the company must
    a. demonstrate that it is expected to be doing business;
    b. ensure that work is guided and directed by management at the Canadian operation.

  6. To prove all the above, a comprehensive Business Plan is required.

    Requirements for the Foreign National

    The Foreign Nation (applicant) who is coming to Canada, need to prove that he/she has been employed (via payroll or by contract) continuously (full-time, not accumulated part-time) by the enterprise outside Canada, in a similar full-time position, for at least one year within the three-year period immediately preceding the date of initial application.

    Application Process :
    1. A corporation to be opened in Canada, with a local Director on the board. The ownership can be 100% with the Foreign National.
    2. Prepare a Business Plan for the Canadian Corporation
    3. Prepare a job offer letter from the Canadian Corporation to the Foreign National by identifying the position and the salary according to the National Occupation Codes in Canada.
    4. Gather documents from the Foreign Company to prove their existence for past 4-5 years, including the Registration, Financial and Tax documents.
    5. Gather all the personal information of the Foreign National
    6. Apply for the Work Permit

    Permanent Resident Pathway in Canada :

    The Foreign National coming to Canada under the ICT will initially have Work Permit issued for 1 or 2 years, which can then be renewed for further period upto 5 years. After working in Canada for one year, the Foreign National can then become eligible to Apply for PR in Canada.