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Charlie Quinones - Canada Student Visa Approved

See you, Canada in November 2022! Titiisin ko ang lungkot para sa pamilya. Dream come true for me and for my family. Maraming-maraming salamat sa mga taong nakatulong especially of course sa aking napaka ganda at napaka bait na Case Officer na kapag may itatanong ako nagre respond agad, Ma’am Lorielyn, Sir John, their former Regional Head, Ma’am Shaira, their Counselling Manager and, Ma’am Oreng Ballesteros. Maraming-maraming salamat po sa buong UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION FAMILY. It was really a great surprise! Akala ko matagal pa matapos ang pag process ng papers ko. Di ako makapaniwala, sa bilis magtrabaho ng UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION. You’re the best agency! Naway pagpalain pa kayo lagi ng Poong Maykapal at naway marami pa kayong matulungang ating mga kababayan na mabago ang buhay at kinabukasan. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION!

Mona P. Marino - Canada Student Visa Approved

Thank you so much Universal Immigration for making my dream of studying and relocating to Canada a reality. I will not hesitate to recommend Universal Immigration to those who wish to study and move to Canada. I am eternally grateful for all your assistance.

John Paul Pama - Canada Student Visa Approved

Thank you, Universal Immigration, for your superb assistance in getting approval for my student visa. I\'m really grateful for all your help throughout the process. Kudos to Ms. Liezl Villocino, their Case Processing Officer, for her never-ending support of our application. Truly deserves a 5-star review!!!

Eliesha Gaffud - Canada Student Visa Approved

Universal Immigration has provided an excellent service and a great outcome for me and my family. Special thanks to Ms. Jirahlyn and Ms. Jonnah for handling my application smoothly. Prompt responses when I needed to know an answer to one of my questions. I have already recommended Universal Immigration to my friends and relatives. I\'m so excited about my new journey in life! Thank you so much Universal Immigration.

Deepa suraj - Immigration

The utmost sincere and hardwork for my PR process from begining until now and I am very proud to recommended that the universal immigration is one of the best choice ...

Dipanshu Tiwari - Canada Spousal Sponsorship Approved

From the beginning of our application till the end Candice was extremely helpful and rich in insights. She assisted us in our application process and her replies were very swift. We are very grateful for all the hard work that she has put in and will 100% recommend universal immigration to anyone looking for their visa needs!.

Joemarie Sernal - Canada Student Visa Approved

Thank you Universal Immigration - Philippines for your assistance and making my Canadian dream into reality. Thank you for a hassle free and smooth process that made it a lot easier for me. Also, thank you to Ms. Shaira and Ms. Jirahlyn for handling my application from the beginning until I got my visa. Thank you for patiently answering all my queries even on weekends. I would highly recommend you to my friends and relatives. May God bless you and your whole team.

Marianne Cipat - Canada Student Visa Approved

As of this writing, I am already in Canada starting a new journey and all because I got help from the team of Universal Immigration. Now that I am in Canada, I\'d like to share to other people who aspire to be here about Universal Immigration. I would definitely recommend them whenever I get the chance.

Edelyn Calapano - Student Visa Approved in 16 Days..!

To UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION, PHILIPPINES, thank you for making this CA dream turn into reality. I am forever grateful for all your help. God bless your team! ✨

Emerald Matias - Canada Student Visa Approved

Thank you, Universal Immigration, for being one of the biggest parts of my Canadian student visa approval. This dream of mine would not have come true without the diligence and dedication of Ms. Liezl (one of their Case Officers) and her unending guidance throughout the process of my visa application. She is accommodating and patient in answering all my queries. Universal Immigration is extremely professional and offers support every step of the way and making my whole application process much easier. Their knowledge and expertise are exceptional and are highly recommended. I am forever grateful Universal Immigration family. Glory be to God!

Abigail Acub - Canada Student Visa Approved

I GOT MY VISA APPROVAL IN JUST 20 DAYS! I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Universal Immigration, Philippines for helping me pursue my Canadian dream. It was a smooth and hassle-free experience. Thank you so much!

Ian Mark Ferreras - Canada Student Visa Approved

Still speechless and overwhelmed by the happenings in my life in the past few months. It’s a mix of emotions I\'m feeling right now because I recently lost my father, but I am also happy at the same time because I am now fulfilling not only my dreams but also theirs. First, I would like to thank the Lord, my mother, and my late father who both supported me 24/7 with their all might; my wife who was always there helping me finish my errands. My aunties, uncles, friends, and all who were there with me during this journey. Thank you all for making this dream of mine turn into a reality. And I would also like to thank Universal Immigration who guided me until my visa finally got approved by the embassy. Thank you, everyone, for your love and unending support.


I am grateful to Universal Immigration to help me achieve my dream of getting Canada PR. Universal Immigration team members did a splendid job in guiding me get PR for my full family. They were professional in their approach and provided me timely guidance for documentations so that immigration process happened without much ado. Especially would like to thank Mr. Ravi for guiding me throughout this period and to Mr. Shekhar for constantly letting me know about updates, helping in getting the right documents and answering my multiple queries. For a brief period Mrs. Sangita also chipped in to help me in this journey. It was a long journey but the team kept on directing me to help me fetch the coveted PR visa. Thank you team Universal and wish you all many such successes in helping fulfill dreams of many aspiring immigrants.

Aira Faye Quinito - Canada Student Visa Approved

I would like to thank Universal Immigration for helping me achieve my Canadian dream. I would highly recommend them to those aspiring people who are planning to study/work in Canada. Special thanks to Ms. Jonnah and Ms. Shaira who assisted me throughout the entire application process. Thank you so much Universal Immigration and more power to your company!

Sharmaigne Baguisa - CA Student Visa Approved

I'm so grateful for Universal Immigration for helping me achieve my dream of studying in Canada. They made the whole process smooth. Special thanks to my agent, Ms. Aijah Mae Pangilinan for patiently guiding me throughout the whole process. Thank you and God bless all the staff of Universal Immigration.

Rajib - Canada- WP

Thank you so much Universal Immigration team for helping us throughout our immigration process for Canada. Because of UI's (Ms. Anitha and Mr. Sailesh) hard work, flexibility and willingness to help my whole family of 3 members got visas. I really appreciate the efforts you have contributed. I would like to recommend Universal Immigration to everyone. Thank you so much for your support.

Jhoanalyn Nicole Batalla - Canada Student Visa Approved

I am an OFW in Dubai and I\'ve always wanted to try my luck in Canada. Honestly I don\'t know how to start. One of my FB friend mentioned about Universal Immigration. I made an inquiry, they are very responsive (Miss Shaira). After one year I\'m already decided to push thru with the application. It took me a year because my budget is really tight! I was assigned to Miss Jonnah. She\'s very accommodating with my queries and explains very well. I will highly recommend UI! Job well done!! Thank you for the help! ❤️

Sheeba Samuel - Sheeba Samuel- CANADIAN PR

Thanks a lot to Universal team for being so helpful and kind towards my immigration process. A special thanks to Mr. Shekhar for his guidance and support. Though it took lot of time to get my PR application processed due to pandemic, but Shekhar was so kind that he was regularly updating on the progress and process. He guided me throughout the whole application process. He helped me in easing my anxieties and worries and always kept my hope high. I will forever be grateful for all his effort and support and making my dream come true. I would highly recommend them to anyone who plan for Canada PR immigration. Thanks a lot. May God bless you all.

Aprilyn Nidoy Larioza - student

ThankbHUMBLE YOURESELVES, THEREFORE, UNDER GOD`S MIGHTY HAND, THAT HE MAY LIFT YOU UP IN DUE TIME. - 1 PETER 5:6 NIV Thank you so much Universal Immigration specially to maam Aijah pangilinan for helping me. I highly reccomend this team.

Reethu Dasari - Spouse open work permit VISA approved

I highly recommend Universal Immigration, they are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient. Ms. Anitha & Vinutha from Getvin consultancy are very responsible, reliable and trustworthy.Thank you so much for helping us!! Had a wonderful experience with them.

Saif Usman - Canadian PR

First of all thanks a lot to the whole of Universal team for being so helpful and kind towards our immigration process. Special thanks to Ravi sir, Nilesh and Shekhar for timely guidance and support. It has been a long 5 year journey and felt more like a family than consultants. May god bless them all. Very nice experience, trustworthy and value for money. Regards


Universal Immigration is a really good and professional consultant , i would like to specially thank Mr.Shekhar for helping and guiding us in all the process to get our PR visa.However i wish all the best luck and more success for all the team in universal immigration.Would highly recommend universal immigration to anyone .thank you ..

Michael Aaron D. Jacoba & Family - Canada PR Approved

I want to thank Sir Shekhar, Maam Anitha and the Universal Immigration team for the effort in processing our Canada PR Visa. A dream come true for my family. To God be the Glory..!


I had a wonderful experience with universal immigration to get my Canada PR.I would like to specially thank Mr Alwyn, Anitha and Jasdeep for assisting me in this process.Although It took lot of time to get my PR application processed due to pandemic .I was timely provided with update and processing information by Anitha in a very professional manner.There is no doubt I will avail their service again in future.Would highly recommend them to anyone who plan to immigrate or study abroad.Thank you

Nova Benedicto - Canada Student Visa Approved

“If the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen” Today I received my visa stamp. It took a lot of effort and sacrifices but all worth it. I can ginally be with my fam in Canada. Thank you so much to Universal Immigration for all the help throughout my processing. Such a wonderful experience and I am very thankful to all your patience for helping and answering all my queries☺️ I can say that i’m really satisfied and recommending you to others who wants to go also in Canada. Thank you to sir John and to my co ms Jonnah for assisting me. May God bless your team 😇

Enya Lois Alinas - Enya Alinas- Permanent Resident Visa

My permanent residency journey had a lot of ups and downs, but I thank Wise Agency in Cebu and Universal Immigration for always being there to support and encourage me. I would especially like to thank Ms. Annie Rebecca for guiding me throughout the whole application process. I will forever be grateful to her and the entire Universal Immigration family. I cannot wait to start a new chapter here in Montreal, Quebec!

Dioliza Martir - PR Approved with Family

Our journey to Canadian Permanent Residency is quite a long one because of the ever changing guidelines of Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the pandemic. Though it was quite long, we are thankful for the patience of our Analyst Ms. Anitha and the Weconnect team who are with us every single step. They have been so helpful not just with the processing but also in easing our anxieties and worries. Thanks to Universal Immigration we are now in Canada as a family!

Shahriyat and Anandi Afsana - Canada Spouse Sponsorship Approved - Quebec

Even though I am from Quebec and they are in Ontario, the way the handled and helped me with my spouse sponsorship is amazing. I didn\'t have to worry about 1 thing at all. Thank you so much.

Kristhianne Quilang - Canada Student Visa Approved

I almost gave up on my Canadian dream because of all the inevitable delays due to covid outbreak, but thanks to God- he gave me the longest patience that a person could have 😊 (waited for almost 3 years for this to happen). My family and I were immensely happy upon hearing this good news. To Universal Immigration, Ms Nerissa, Ms Jonnah, and to the whole team, THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😊 Godbless

Isamel Contreras Story - Canada Citizenship Approved

I just wanted to confirm that yesterday we picked up my son\'s citizenship certificate. Thank you very much for all of your help, your patience in answering my questions, and your thoroughness throughout the process. Your service really made the whole process a lot easier and error-free. Thank you again for everything and have a great holiday season!

Imeshini Muthukumar - Student Visa Approval

What is more than getting a Happy news than this.I got refused for like twice but Finally getting the third approval was a biggest challenge for us but as noted if we get into the right one we get it done for sure. One of closest Friend suggested me "Universal Immigration" so this is how everything began. By getting the advice from the Team , Ms.Suman , had helped me to get the Visa Approval for the Third Time.She was trying to figure out the issue, whats the cause for this and later we put our 200% to find a solution and got the application done in order.Thank you Ms.Suman. Universal Immigration was the right choice for me .I would suggest the ones who are willing to migrate to Canada to contact Universal Immigration. Last not the least I would like to Thank Mr.Sailesh and the Team for there support.

SINDHUJA ARUMUGAM - From Post graduation work permit to Permanent Residency.

To start of with the whole Team did a great job and helped me to get my Permanent Resident application approved. I would like to mention two people in specific one is Sailesh sir, he guided me on the right path, his explanation for queries was up to the mark, he was very patient and he was making me to gain more confidence, he always creates a positive environment and if you are an international person living in Canada who is devastated, confused and worried about your Permanent Residency I highly recommend you to call universal immigration and speak to Sailesh sir. Second is Shekhar sir, a very humble person, a very dedicated person, Shekhar sir helped me a lot in arranging documents required for Permanent Residency, sir was so patient and sir keeps on checking his clients regarding the status of Permanent Resident application. Overall I had a wonderful experience with universal immigration.

Pathakala Siddharth - Thank you Team! # Universal Immigration & GetVin

Finally I take the privilege to share my experience with Universal Immigration & GetVin after a merely 4 year long journey wobbling up side down due to multiple thoughts, uncertainty of the path to choose and the pandemic posting lot of hurdles in the way. Today I\'m extremely thankful both the Consultancies who work in collaboration and always stood by our side and guided through the tough period in reaching our destination. They never lost the hope in us and we never lost the trust in them and this mutual understanding helped us in fulfilling our dreams. Aug 20th, 2021 is the day to remember when I got the VISA to CANADA and this is a \"Hell Ya!\" moment in my life and would be remembered forever. This wouldn\'t have been possible without the support and belief shown by GetVin and Universal Immigration in collaboration. Special thanks to Karthik for his impeccable decision in handpicking best and suitable colleges/universities based on the profile and prompt responses on all the queries whenever needed. I also want to thank Anitha who\'s my case manager. She\'s very approachable and active throughout, and solves all the doubts immediately. I undoubtedly look forward in contact ing you in the future. For those seeking study or work permits to their destinations, I strongly recommend you to choose GetVin as your consulting agent as things are transparent, hassle-free and most importantly trust worthy. Thank you again Mrs. Vinutha( GetVin), Mr. Karthik & Ms. Anitha(Universal Immigration). ------------------------------- Siddharth & Reethu

Clarisse Ann Cañotal - Student Visa Approval

I would like to say thank you for helping me in achieving my dreams. I highly recommend this team. You guys turned my dreams into a reality. I know this is just the beginning of a long journey that I will take. I never imagined that the decision will be that fast. I thank God that He led me to your team back in 2019. The staff were all kind and accommodating. Special thanks to Sir Karthik, Sir John, Ms. Dianne, Ms. Shaira, and Ms. Aijah! All the best to Universal Immigration! Maraming salamat!

Tanya W - Thank you!

I would like to say a big thank you to Candice and Sailesh for all their help, in making my move to Canada, a smooth and easy one. They are professional, helpful, proactive and very well informed about the whole Immigration process. I highly recommend Universal Immigration to anyone who is planning/wishes to move to Canada. You will be putting yourselves in very good hands.

Prakash K - Student Visa Approval

It is a wonderful experience. I got my student visa rejected once but still, they dint give up and got it approved next time. Very knowledgeable people and smooth flow, Thanks Annie and Karthik for all the support.

Jisha Thomas - Permanent resident- From single applicant to family sponsorship.

It all started back in 2012, when I came to know that a process of CSQ has started for Canada. And it gave me hope after trying 3 times losing time, money and energy. I started working with Xiphias Immigration in India who then introduced me to Universal Immigration. And my journey started with documentation, attestation, processing of application. Gone through lot of hurdles during this time from my application process starting as family, then got refused. During which Universal Immigration, always was there to support. They stood their for me and at last Government had to accept me as a single applicant and Universal Immigration reassured me that my family will join me soon. I got CSQ in 2015 and PR in 2018. I landed in Canada in 2018 sep. Even though it was really a long process, but I appreciate the commendable job done by everyone who assisted me in this process throughout. During my process, whoever asked me about my process and if I can refer an agency, I never had a second thought but to give the name of Universal Immigration for the same. I think already many people among my friends and near ones are in process with them right now to whom I have recommended. To name its a long list but still I want to thank everyone starting from Lalitha Vinod Kumar, Shekhar Pant, Varun from Xiphias, Ravi Iyer, Sanjay Adhikari, Rajeshwari Ms. AmalSingh Badal and last but not the least Candice Krishnan. I hope i haven\'t missed out anyone and in that case I apologize. I thank each and everyone for helping my in my endeavor to reach here in Canada and now soon I am going to be reunited with my family after more than 2 years being in Canada now. All thanks to Universal Immigration, my family got the PR and they are going to be here soon. All the best, be safe everyone and keep up the good work of fulfilling the dream of each one who wants to come to Canada.

Sangeeth S E - A Note of Appreciation

As fate would\'ve wanted it, I found myself walking to the door steps of Universal Immigration as unexpectedly as it was with my plans to take up Permanent Residence in Canada. Although, I\'m glad both my decisions turned out to be good and fruitful in the long run. Universal immigration is a really good firm, and also provides your with insightful information along with the clarity required when you are undertaking a lengthy and elaborate process like Permanent Residency process. I was lucky enough to be guided by Ms. Annie, who helped me not just with my process and paper works but at one instance even gave me the support to push it through my IELTS and reassured me that it\'s all going to work out well. I sincerely appreciate her efforts in reassuring me and always being polite and patient in explaining in detail to various queries I had. I would also like to thank, Mr. Nilesh, who was also quite helpful in figuring out a certain issue with one of my IELTS results at one point of time and also later during the final stages of my final submission. They have always been quick to respond to my queries and emails, and this was something I always appreciated and felt happy about. I would undoubtedly recommend their services and have already recommended them to couple of my friends in the time since I moved to Canada. Thank you Ms. Annie and Mr. Nilesh for all the help, guidance and support you showed me during the time. Thank you Universal Immigration!

Marville Nikki Villaneva - From student visa to Permanent Residency

I got to know Universal Immigration through a friend’s recommendation due to their excellent client relations. They have successfully assisted me from the start of my student visa application, work permit and up until Permanent Residency just like shooting a fish in a barrel. Evelyn, Ravi, Sailesh and Suman whom aided me during the course of all my applications were all so polite and professional making the experience worthwhile. They were extraordinarily organized and they consistently made certain that I am well informed all throughout the application process. The exceptional time they spent to address all of my questions made me feel important as a client. They are quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and you can expect all your concerns be addressed with utmost urgency. Definitely one of the best decision of my life. I undoubtedly recommend their services!

Gopal & Family - Thanks to Universal Immigration

Universal Immigration is a wonderful firm with professional services at very best. It was a great experience for me and for my family to obtain PRs in Canada. Thanks to Mr. Ravi, Mr. Sailesh, Mr. Karthik & Team for their tremendous support and advice. They are helping to numerous professionals and students every year to achieve their life goals and opportunities to enhance. Myself and my family always wish them a greater success to grow higher and higher in their field. God Bless, Mr. Sailesh!!

Vignesh Manickam - Thank you! Mr.Shekhar and Sailesh

Sailesh and his team were incredibly helpful and efficient in getting my permanent residentship in this country. I highly recommend Mr.Shekhar to anyone with any immigration related queries and issues. He was extremely thorough and upfront about my application status and document requirements. His diligent email reminders and constant updates to the changes in my application helped in making deadlines. He was realistic about the timeline and easily accessible at all times. Extremely Grateful.


I am glad that I had a conversation with Shailesh Shankar in 2015 when I was on my post graduate work permit. I was fortunate to receive proper guidance from Shailesh and his team back then so that my wife was also added to my PR application after we got married a few months upon submitting my PR application. Thank you Shailesh :)

Sharon Hazel Douglas - Canada Spousal Sponsorship Approved

Candice of Universal Immigration was very helpful and always on top in every step of our application. It was a challenge because our application was still under process during the pandemic which delayed a lot of things. However, whenever we have queries or clarification, Candice and her team were there to help. I would definitely avail of their services when I sponsor my son and family to Canada next year. Thank you Candice and Universal Immigration. I can finally be with my husband and start my life in Canada. More power and God bless your company so you can help unite more families in the future :-)

VISHNU GURUSAMY CHANDRASEKARAN - Universal Immigation thank you for your outstanding service

My work permit extension got refused. So i approached Universal immigration for help. Their outstanding service and knowledge about the CIC was astonishing. Universal Immigration guided me with submitting right required documents. As an outcome of their expertise i got my work permit extension re approved. I am thankful to Universal immigration for their service and recommend you to trust them with any immigration processes.

Edison - Edison and Erica\'s Spousal Sponsorship

Universal Immigration is a great consultant. Everything went smooth during my spousal sponsorship process. Although the process took some time because of COVID19, it is not their fault and they did their best to keep us updated with regards to my application. Candice did her best to update my files and paid attention to details with every request from IRCC. She also clarified different matters regarding the process and professionally answered all of my queries. Me and my wife would like to thank the whole team as she also availed their services for her PR application. Wish the team the best. I would recommend their services to anyone who would like to come to Canada whether temporarily or permanently.

Victor Sotelo & Renalie Sotelo - Canada Student Visa & Spouse Open Work Permit Approved

Universal Immigration is really a good and professional team. They helped us in every step of our journey which made us feel we are in good hands. There is no doubt that we will get their services again in the future. We are happy that we chose the right and perfect team for our Canadian Dream. Special thanks to Ms. Dianne Jocel Yabes and Ms. Ma. Nerissa Alejandre for processing our applications, and to Ms. Grace Tan-Novilla of Scorehigh IELTS Center for introducing Universal Immigration to us. Keep safe and God bless po!

Vibhore Sharma - Canada PR Approved

From start to finish SAILESH and EVELYN made things very easy and comfortable.Evelyn was amazing during my process of applying for PR, I can only imagine how hard it would have been at times when I had a million questions to ask... Anytime I needed clarification she was always on hand to make sure I was put at ease pretty quickly. I would highly recommend universal immigration to anyone seeking advice or help with their immigration processing.Thanks again for all your help...

Moon Sunil Joseph - Thank you..

I would like to thank the entire universal immigration team to get my PR. Specially thanks to Ms Candice who helped me in the process. It was a great experience for me. And I highly recommend Universal immigration for those who want to fulfill their Canadian dreams. Best wishes Moon Joseph and family

Mrs. May Issa - Thank You Note!!

Thank you to Universal Immigration for facilitating my initial approval for the study visa in Canada. I can say that Universal Immigration Service agency pays attention to details, prompt in responding to concerns and above all very successful in what they do. Thank you!!

Manas Kashyap and Family - Thank you to the entire Universal Immigration team for getting our PR approved!

What can I say about Universal Immigration! Simply the best Immigration service in Canada. Universal Immigration has helped me and my family secure permanent residency. Ms. Candice handled our cases and Mr. Ravi was always there for any guidance. The whole thing is clearly laid out from the start. The best part for me, for that the team stays on top of everything, so I never had to worry what the next step was going to be. I can truly attest to the professionalism, knowledge and expertise that Universal Immigration brings, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. A true gem! Best wishes, Manas & Family

Shikha Verma - Thank you, Dear Candice, Ravi and Team!

Thank you so much to Universal Immigration and Candice for providing us with the guidance on the PR process. There were a lot of unknowns as we started this process, but thanks to the knowledge, patience and experience of Candice and the team at Universal Immigration, we have successfully received our PR. We cannot thank you enough!

Roshni - Thank you

I had to file spouse sponsorship which I initially processed with another agent in Scarborough, it was a really bad experience and took lot of time to get me nowhere in my process. When I visited universal Immigration staff there is extremely professional, they were precise with processing time and documents required. Although there was one thing which I thought they could be better at was phone communication, I do understand it’s a big firm and lot of clients to deal with, but timely manner returned phone calls would have been great. But hey nobody is perfect . I would give 5 STAR to the staff and firm. I had my application approved in less than 6 months all because of their precise work & professionalism. Thanks to UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION!

Ranjin Parappuzha Varghese - thanks to universal immigration

I heard about universal immigration from my friend and applied for visit visa to Canada at first and I reached here at 2019 march.On May 2019, I have applied for PR under spouse sponsorship programme through Universal Immigration,they gave me a wonderful support and I got my PR exactly after 6 months.Thanks to Candice and full team of Universal immigration for their awesome service.

Nikomedezhi Menor - QSW PR VISA

5 years in the making and I finally got my PR visa. It’s been a very long journey for me. My application almost got refused, i almost gave up on it. I would never be able do it without the help and guidance of Universal Immigration. They helped me in every step of the way. they consistently do follow ups to make sure I submitted the needed documents on time. They set realistic expectations. They made updates right away if there were some changes in the application process. I’m sincerely thankful to all of you for helping me fulfill my dream. Especially to the people who handled my case who were very patient to me; Ms. Olesya Stopchenko, Ms. Evelyn Esguerra, Ms. Anitha, Mr. Shekhar Pant, Mr. Jayachandra, Ms. Rajeshwari, thank you so much for your efforts.

Nainan P Thomas - Testimonials

I would like to thank Universal Immigration for all Your assistance in making my dreams come true . I am really happy with the service I obtained and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Universal Immigration to anyone thinking of PR in Canada. The knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. Thank you for everything!\"

Liza P. Martinez - Canada Permanent Resident

I would say that Wise Immigration were outstanding in their professionalism and business ethic, by the way in which they handled my application from start to finish. From the time that I picked up the phone to inquire until the time that I received my passport in the post with my new Canada permanent residency visa in it, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the personal service, efficiency, determination and commitment that Wise Immigration provided to me. They made me feel so confident and reassured about everything. Ms. Anitha, Ms. Annie and the team were exceptional in the way in which they managed my application and I just cannot thank them or praise them enough for making mine and my family\'s dreams of Canada a reality!

Athira Rajendran - THANK YOU

Thank you so much UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION for all of the effort you put in with getting our Canada PR under QSW category,especially MS.Rajeshwari our coordinator who helped us in every step of the way especially on the tough time. I am fully satisfied with service given by UNIVERSAL Immigration , great work, great team, and I will strongly recommend to my friends in future those who have made up their mind to move to the foreign country. UNIVERSAL Immigration is very genuine, honest and straight forward. once again thank you so much MR. RAVI IYER, MR.SAILESH SANKAR and MS.RAJESHWARI.

TittyThomas - Thankyou

A big thankyou Universal Immigration for helping us to fullfill my dreamscomes true(canadian PR).Though it was a long journey, u stood by us in all the paths and made it successful.Special thanks to chennai immigration teamms.Annie Rebecca for helping me out in everything.They are accessible at all time and clear my doubts and give me proper clarification.Also mentioning Varun sing from Banglore .These guys did fantastic job.God almighty will bless the entire team. Thank entire team regards Titty Thomas contact Mr.Revi Iyer at Mr.Iyer isalso Commissioner of Oaths in Ontario

Feby Puthenpurackal Raj/Ashish Prince George - Canadian PR

A big thank you Universal Immigration for helping us to fulfill our dream of Canadian PR. Though it was a long journey, u stood by us in all the paths and made it successful. Special thanks to Chennai Universal immigration team, from the bottom of our hearts, Ms.Annie Rebecca and Ms.Anitha for helping us out in everything.You guys did a fantastic job.They were easily acessible anytime to clear all our doubts and giving us proper guidance. Also mentioning Ms.Jasdeep Kaur from bangalore who helped us with the WES was then when things turned difficult she helped us to get through it easily. We are blessed to have such an account manager like Annie. Thanks Entire Team Regards Feby/ Ashish & Gabriella.

Ashish Prince George - Approved PR

A big thank you Universal Immigration for helping us to fulfill our dream of Canadian PR. Though it was a long journey, u stood by us in all the paths and made it successful. Special thanks to Chennai Universal immigration team, from the bottom of our hearts, Ms.Annie Rebecca and Ms.Anitha for helping us out in everything.You guys did a fantastic job.They were easily acessible anytime to clear all our doubts and giving us proper guidance. Also mentioning Ms.Jasdeep Kaur from bangalore who helped us with the WES was then when things turned difficult she helped us to get through it easily. We are blessed to have such an account manager like Annie. Thanks Entire Team Regards Feby/ Ashish & Gabriella.

Thomas - testimonial

I would like to give thanks again to Universal, They helped me in getting Canada PR and with the same trust I contacted them for family sponsorship. And all I can say is Thank God for his mercy that I got a nice team to do it and especially ,The Director Ms. Candice Krishnan for handling our application very well and got PR in 4 months. Thanks again Universal Immigration. You deserve a big applause! I refer:

Feby Puthenpurackal Raj - Ashish & Feby - Thank you

A big thank you Universal Immigration for helping us to fulfill our dream of Canadian PR. Though it was a long journey, u stood by us in all the paths and made it successful. Special thanks to Chennai Universal immigration team, from the bottom of our hearts, Ms.Annie Rebecca and Ms.Anitha for helping us out in everything.You guys did a fantastic job.They were easily acessible anytime to clear all our doubts and giving us proper guidance. Also mentioning Ms.Jasdeep Kaur from bangalore who helped us with the WES was then when things turned difficult she helped us to get through it easily. We are blessed to have such an account manager like Annie.We are completely satisfied with your services and have already started referring you to our friends nad colleagues who are planning to migrate. Above all We thank God almighty for blessing us with more than what we deserve. Thanks Entire Team Regards Feby/ Ashish & Gabriella.

Sheva Am-is - Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Praise the Lord for His great plans in our lives! Thank you so much Wise and Universal Immigration for being a channel of blessings in fulfilling our dreams. We really appreciate your tireless effort and hard work in helping us to obtain our Permanent Residence Visa in Canada. It\'s been a long journey for us but you made it easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude. Since we\'ve started our application with you, we already knew that we are dealing with the highly professional and expert people. You are all part of our migration success story. Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude. You never leave us until the end. Our friends and colleagues was inspired by our universal story and you are highly recommended by us. Lastly, Kudos to Mr. Ravi Iyer and to all the staff of Wise and Universal Immigration especially to our coordinators who helped us in every step of the way especially on the documentations. More blessings to to all of you!

Sombir Dahiya - My experience with universal immigration

Hi everyone, I would like to say thank you very much to all universal immigration group and especially to Candice mam to deal my family PR process. In the whole process I never felt that I am alone ,they stood with me every time and guide me like professionally manner. Again thank you very much Candice mam and whole team.

Prerana Joshi - Thank You to the Universal Immigration team

I would like to thank the Universal Immigration team for their excellent services and the step-by-step hand-holding they provided me with throughout the entire application process. A special thanks to Jasdeep Kaur, who was ever so helpful and promptly responsive to all my queries. May you all continue to help people fulfil their dreams by way of assisting with their moves. I have received many queries from friends on how I went about the process and have certainly recommended Universal Immigration to them. I will definitely be in touch for more immigration assistance, should the need arise. Wish you all the best! Regards, Prerana

Rolando Jr Damag Takinan - Canada Student Visa

Thank you for helping me to fulfill my Canadian dream! I am truly blessed and grateful for your help. More power to your company

Ma. Katrina Gracia Izar - Thank You, Team Universal!

I am very grateful to Universal Immigration for helping me in every step of the way to achieve my dream of migrating to Canada. They are indeed the experts when it comes to Canadian immigration. I already have my permanent visa on hand. A big thanks to Mr. Ravi, Ms. Jasdeep, Ms. Evelyn, Ms. Rosna, Ms. Jonnah, Mr. Sandeep, Mr. Suramya for making this possible. I will surely recommend your service to my friends and relatives. Again, thank you very much/merci beaucoup and more power!

Karra Zina C. Ongoco - testimonial

I would like to thank the team for facilitating all my needs with regard to my needs with regard to my PR application. Contact Mr. Ravi Iyer at Mr. Iyer is also Commissioner of Oaths in Ontario. ANSWERED PRAYERS!!!

Delsy sherin - Thank you

I would like to thank universal immigration for services provided by Ms. Candice and the team.I got PR in 2016 through universal immigration....Now my husband also received pr .This is a best moment in my life.The team is fantastic,cooperative and whole process made somuch easier for me.I definitely recommending your services to others.

Savitha kumari mahadevan - got canada pr

i would like to express my sincere thanks to universal immigration and asha kiran services to help us acheiving our dream . its not that easy to get a canada visa . but i am happy for all the guidance received from you .. Our coordinator ms SUGANTHI and ms ANITHA helped me a lot in the whole process . i thank them for answering me all my queries without any hesitation and giving me all the courage and support . Thanks to mr RAVI IYER sir from behalf of me and my family .

Kristel Barretto - Student visa

Post graduate Nursing in Canada, student visa approved.

Angelic Bacuyag - Student visa

We all know that it takes time, effort, patient and a hefty amount of funds to apply for and actually obtain a Canadian Visa. In my case I almost losing a chance because I was denied twice with my previous applications, but a friend recommend me to Universal Immigration. They made me feel confident and took away all my worries, they also helped explain each stage of the process.Thank you for putting up with my 100s of questions and always being so good to reply straight away. I appreciate all your help and would recommend you to everyone I know. With Universal Immigration, dreams do come true.

Arvie Jade Magbanua - Successful student visa

I would like to thank Universal Immigration for this opportunity. You have been accomodating every step of the way. You have always guided me throughout my application. I would recommend you to whoever might be interested as well as wanting to migrate to Canada. Thank You so much.

Kim Dizon - Successful student visa

Thank you Universal Immigration for helping me apply for a Student Visa in Canada. I thought my world crashed after my visa was rejected in Australia. Thank you so much for showing me the light.

Mary Grace Firmeza - Successful student visa

I am extremely excited to have been given the opportunity. Universal Immigration has been invaluable in the process At all times you kept in touch with me, answering my many questions. I\\\'m still over the moon thinking back the whole process. I would definitely recommend Universal Immigration to my friends and colleagues if someone has intention to migrate to Canada. My heartfelt thanks again.

Kara Garcia - Many Thanks Universal Immigration

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the hardworking staff of Universal Immigration particularly to Sir Ravi Iyer for guiding me all throughout the process of my application until the issuance of my Visa. My sincerest thanks also to my coordinator Huma Sheikh :) I am very thankful to have you around helping and answering all my queries patiently. It made me understand the whole process of my application not to mention all the encouragement you gave. I am forever grateful to Universal Immigration for helping me turn my dreams in to reality. I am now ready to live a new life in Canada and I am proud to say that Universal Immigration made it possible. Thank you very much and more power to all of you!

Kara A. Garcia - Many thanks to Universal Immigration and WISE immigration

Thank you very much Universal Immigration and WISE Immigration for all the help that you have given especially for guiding me all throughout the process of my application. 4 years of waiting was not easy, there were up\'s and down\'s yet my coordinator\'s never gave up in encouraging their clients to uplift their spirits. I would also like to thank Sir Ravi Iyer, Ms. Huma Sheikh my coordinator and to all the hard working staff of Universal Immigration. I am very grateful for helping me turn my dreams into reality. As I venture a new journey to Canada soon I am proud to say that Universal Immigration helped me reached one of my lifetime goals. Hoping soon we may be able to process my daughter\'s visa. Many thanks again and more power!

Rhychel - Thank you so much

I would like to thank the Lord for the success of my application for permanent resident . My heartfelt thanks to WISE inc CEBU and Universal immigration,please accept my warmest gratitude for the untiring efforts of your company and thus shedding light on my future goals and aspirations. A special thanks to Sir Ravi, Sir Amal, Ms. Candice, Sir Sanjay and Ms. Rajeshwari from universal team who had an immediate responses to my queries and being so prompt and speedy for any updates and to WIse family especially Sir Ben,Ms Genieve and Ms. Kathleen. I know that it could not have happened without all of you. What was probably the most stressful situation to deal with was made so much easier with all your time, patience and positive attitude. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an immigration assistance. Thank you! Sincerely, Rhychel

Nitha Thomas - Canada PR

It\'s like a dream come true, I\'m overwhelmed by their guidance and support throughout the complete process to make my dream \"CANADA P.R.\" to reality. I would like to appreciate each and every one of the Universal Immigration for their service, individual support, commitment and endurance towards their customers. On a individual note I thank Mr Karthik srinivas, Ms Annie Rabecca,Mrs Annie joseph for their prompt response, assistance to all my queries. I\'ll recommend Universal Immigration to my family and friends in the future. Thanks & Regards Nitha

Debarati - Thank you Universal Immigration

I am very thankful to Mr. Ravi & his team who had helped me get the PR visa under federal skilled worker category. I was recommended by a friend and I\'m glad I took their service. It was a good experience for me. I got my immigration very smoothly in spite of my busy schedule. I would like to recommend everyone to take Universal Immigration services for a hassle free immigration process. I would especially like to thank Sailesh and Annie for their help and support.

Rejin Paul - A very big THANK YOU!

I want to sincerely thank your team for your dedicated, concerted and very professional assistance to me with regard to my application. I have got my VISA stamped. Thank you for planning and executing everything very well and for following up everything closely and carefully to ensure that my application was submitted accurately. You diligently followed up with me to ensure that my application and all supporting documentations were submitted well before time and accurately. A special thanks to Ms Rajeshwari and Ms Candice who were very helpful in clearing all my queries and kept me worry free. Thank you.

Param Kaur - Thanks a million!

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation to Mr. Sailesh Shanker and Ms. Suman. I got PR of Canada in less than a year period. This team is great, they guided me step by step. I strongly recommend their expertise and guidance for any type of immigration purposes. Kudos Suman and Sailesh !

Vaibhav Rastogi - thank you Universal Immigration

I had an amazing experience with universal immigration. Me and my family would like to thank universal immigration\'s team - Especially Mr. Sailesh, Ms. Anitha and Mr. Ravi Iyer for their support in getting us to the PPR. Here is a breakdown of my experience Pre ITA The process of collection of documents and guiding through WES evaluation was simplified for us and we received proper help in preparing the profile. I especially would like to thank Mr. Sailesh here, because it was he who suggested I should re-attempt IELTS and that helped me boost my CRS Score a lot. We were explained where to focus our energies on and where not to. Post ITA & AOR I owe deep amount of gratitude to my counsellor Ms Anitha. She was diligent in her actions and extremely thorough with her paperwork. We felt at ease throughout the process that things are progressing in the right direction and she guided us well throughout the process. She remained very approachable. There was literally no or minimal delay in responding to our queries. Everything was explained to us properly. She was very proactive in her followups, sometimes putting in more effort than us also in compiling the application. She also made sure that we got the correct police verification done which we otherwise would have possibly made an error in. Since she was interacting with us on a regular basis, credit for the success goes to her greatly I would also like to thank Mr. Ravi Iyer . He, Mr. Sailesh and other members at universal immigration played a key role in our successful application Anyone approaching them should understand that unlike many other organizations, they would deal with you in an honest manner, without making great promises which could never have been fulfilled. Instead they have a much more constructive approach by which they deliver what they commit and add a lot of value in your application. Their guidance will be essential throughout the process. Suggestions - It might be a good idea to open more offices across the globe, especially in India. As Canada\'s immigration plan, has place for 1 Million immigrants over next 3 years, it would be wise to maybe tap into this opportunity. There are a lot of ingenuine service providers here and people can greatly benefit from a genuine and professional firm\'s service such as Universal Immigration Regards Vaibhav Rastogi

Prathana bhaskar - Glad we had this team!

I would like to thank the entire universal team for guiding our family in acquiring the Canadian PR. The process of getting a PR might seem to be a simple task at the outset, yet because of our lack of proper information and knowledge there might be some really anxious and apprehensive moments. That\'s where an expert team like universal immigration has a vital role to play. We encountered an unexpected situation where my husband had to move to a different country for job and that created some last minute confusion in the submission of our passports. It made us really edgy. We were glad we had universal team with us. We appreciate the team\'s expertise, guidance, decision making and the overall journey that made us sit back and stay confident. Special thanks to dear Ms. Jasdeep Kaur who was handling our case. She was very approachable, patient and kind who made the journey a warm and an amicable one. Cheers!

Chinnu Jose - Thank you note.....

On behalf of my family i would like to thank universal immigration team specialy Mr.Ravi Iyar, Ms.Candice , Ms.Uthara, Mr. Shailesh, Mr. Shekhar, Ms Annie Rabbaca and all the others who have helped us achieve our dream to live in Canada. I really dont have words to express gratitude towards you. Your work is so professional and so trustworthy to recommend to others, and iam proud that i got you people to guide me in all those tough times which we went through. Me and my husband Anish Abraham is always thankful to your universal immigration team. I reccoment universal immigration to all out there who are struggling to achieve your dreams in canada , im sure they will transform your dreams into reality....

Michelle Talle - Excellent Services: Promot response

Hi Jasdeep, Thank you for assisting us during the processing period. We are happy with the service you have given to us specially on the quick responses with our inquiries, guiding us throughout the forms and ensuring we have given the correct information and documents required. God bless you and the Universal Immigration.

Alby Babu - Thank you

I would like to thank the entire team of Universal immigration for guiding us to achieve our Canada PR. The Universal team is excellent, experienced and they are very patient to their clients to solve all the problems and guides properly to submit their file in each stage. A big salute to our team leader Mr. Ravi Iyer and Mr. Amal Singh Badal. We are really thankful to God for getting such a coordinators for us especially Candice Mam and Rajeshwari Mam. Both are very dedicated and efficient in their jobs, they helped us a lot through this entire processing and the response was very quick from these two members. If anybody is planning to migrate to Canada I would like to suggest only Universal immigration. Once again hearty thanks to Universal immigration team..... Thanks a lot... Thanking you, Sincerely, Alby Babu.

Rupanjeet - Thank you Note

Thank you universal immigration. I recently got my PR of Canada. I would like to thank the whole team of Universal Immigration and especially Ravi Sir, Sandeep mam and Sailesh sir for guiding me throughout the process. Without their expertise I could not have made it through the process to become a permanent resident. It was so much easier with your guidance and support. I got the right suggestions at the right time from them. Thank you for all the efforts and support and for making my dream come true! It would have not been possible without Universal Immigration.

Anish&Deepa - Thanks Note

Our sincere Gratitude to the Universal Immigration Team. First I would like to Praise my God and saviour Jesus Christ for made it possible . It is really amazing and a miracle achievement for us.We filed our application on 2012, We received our PR visa on may 2017.It was a long journey,some times it was very difficult to arrange the documents.But each and every members of the universal immigration helped us very much through giving right informations and suggestions.Experienced team members of the universal immigration did a fantastic job . I am taking this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the Whole Universal Immigration team especially Mr.RaviIyer,Mr.Amalsing,Mr.Shekhar,Mrs.Lalitha VinodhKumar,Mrs,Malavika Iyer,Mr.Jasdeep Kaur A special thanks note for Mr Jacob John Access International who intoduced me to universal Immigration . Well Done Universal Team...

Tintu Abraham - Thank You to the Universal Immigration Team

On behalf of my family, I would like to give my gratitude to \"Lexicon Internationals Kochi & Universal Immigration \" team which they led us during 3 years to achieve our family dream by getting the right to live in CANADA (Quebec selection certificate which i received without interview )as a permanent Resident. They gave us continually all the technical & legal support we need in addition to their straight & honest professional advice. Comparing the fees, we pay for the services we get, we consider it more than fair. For sure I will advise anyone thinking to immigrate to Canada to go through all the process with \"Universal Immigration\" experts on immigration matters.

philaso longleng - Thank you

I want to thank all the universal immigration staff who has assisted throughout the application for Canada PR visa. It was worth the wait though it took 3years, i really want to thank Annie madam,Ritika from Asha kiran immigration for all their support and guidance. I am lucky and proud as i choose your service. I will tell others to choose your service when it comes for immigration service . Thank you ASHA KIRAN and UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION TEAM.

sherin mathew - Thanks to Universal immigration and Obeorn Overseas

Finally, I got my Canadian Permanent Residence Visa. It is a great achievement for me. Thank you very much to all the members of Universal Immigration and Oberon Overseas especially Mr Revi Iyar sir, Mr.Sanjay sir and Suganthi Mam

Marvin Gonzales - Testimony

For all the Staff of UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION, ms jasdeep, ms sanjay, ms Sangita and especially to mr. Ravi Iyer, for a job well done for my application for permanent resident in Quebec, Canada. We\'ve been through a lot of struggles with this application but just because of all your hard work and patience with me, I did managed to sort all those necessary documents that I need to pass to the immigration and I was grateful that after all it all paid off. For all of you, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to say Thank you very much for all your hard work. Keep Up the Good work and looking forward for more success applicants for their Canadian dreams especially my sister who still waiting for their family immigrant. God bless Universal Immigration. Best Regards, Marvin Gonzales

Mary Dharsana Jacob - A Bouquet of THANKS

Big thanks to Mr.Ravi Iyer and the entire Universal Immigration team specially to my coordinator Ms.Candice.My case was an extremely complicated one.We came across with problems in medical due to my pregnancy and later,with wrong passport number in visa.However, by god\'s grace and the guidance from Ms.Candice,we could manage everything.Thankyou so much madam,for your sincere efforts to make it true. May god bless the entire crew of Universal Immigration. Sorry for the delay to update....

Peter James Nacua Gonzalos - Merci beaucoup

Firstly I would like to thank the Lord for the success of my application for permanent resident through Quebec selection certificate ( which i received without interview ). My heartfelt thanks to WISE inc CEBU and Universal immigration for their unparalleled efforts towards this great achievement. Indeed they are proficient in this field. A special thanks to Sir Ravi, chief consultant, maam Lorraine Isaacs my coordinator from universal team who had an immediate responses to my queries, to maam Rajeshwari for being so prompt and speedy for any updates. For WIse family especially Ms. Anjelie bacay my local coordinator, maam Genieve for the constant follow up during federal stage, and to maam Kathleen for the final processing of my application. My tremendous appreciation for both teams for their diligence and enthusiasm pertaining immigration application. THANK YOU !!! May GOD Bless us ALL.

Manas K - A note of Thank you to the Universal Immigration Team!!

I would like thank the Universal Immigration team so much for guiding me on the Canada PR process. Mr. Ravi, Candice, Rajeshwari, Sanjay and the many leaders in the team are so knowledgeable. They have patiently provided me with answers to many questions I had during the process, and reminded me of key activities to complete in time. I cannot think of a better company to go with. Thank you to the team at Universal Immigration!!!

Bing Marasigan - Thank You Very Much - Candice and Mr. Iyer and team

I think our case was one of the most difficult Candice and team had to go through yet in terms of inland spousal. In the beginning, It was supposed to be a normal inland spousal application but due to complications, it complicated everything. Everything seemed to be going down hill at several points in the processing. But Candice never gave up on us. She knew our case and specifics even after a long two years. Was always there, never left us hanging in the air. Candice and Mr. Iyer and the whole team, a big Thank you from both Marie and I. I wish you all good health and more power to your team. God bless.

srinu babu mane - testimonial

my experience with universal immigration is phenomenal and ultimate there is no words to explain,dedicated team excellent service-ravi sir,amal sing sir,lalitha mam ,sanjay sir with their dedicated effort i got pr finally,at the begining i was with other agency y-axis in hyderabad literally my file was about to reject but by the gods grace i came to know with my friends about universal immigration, million thanks to universal immigration and future i will definately advise my freinds ,colleagues,relatives to start with universal if tey are intersted to canada.iused to ask so many questions to sanjay sir wen file is under my process ,he used to give reply promptly and very patiently thank you once again sir

Jerson Israel - Thank you

Hi Universal Team, I would like to say thank you for your awesome guidance and assistance. It has been almost 3 years since i applied for QSW, and now I\'ve finally got my Canadian Visa. From the beginning you were always there willing to help and answer all my queries and concerns. I hope that you will continue to provide good service to all of the applicants. I was not wrong in choosing your company as my coordinator. it was all worth it! Merci beaucoup! -Jerson Israel

Sandeep Kattil - Sponsorship Applications- a big thanks..!!!

I had a very good experience with universal immigration and especially with Candice Krishnan who was looking into my case. I happened to feel the professionalism , experience & guidance from her throughout my application process. A big applause & all the best in future applications..!! Thanks, Sandeep

Stephen K J - Note of Thanks

I Just want to express my sincere thanks to Mr.Varun(Xiphiasis) and Ms Candice (Universal Immigrations) and your entire team for the support and hard work in getting PR for us. Our dream become reality because of your hard work, support, patience,dedication,customer orientation and most importantly your expertise in your job. I just wanted to list out few good qualities I felt should be commended from my association with you all in past 4 years. 1). Promptness in response 2). Availability for clearing queries. 3). Coming up with alternative solutions when some feel that all doors are closed. 4). Injecting optimistic thinking in clients mind by handling cases carefully. With my experience I felt that you all are a great team and achieve many things in your career. Wishing all the very beast to Universal and Xiphiasis team.

Sijo Jose - Note of Thanks

I would like to express my gratitude to both Xphias and Universal Immigration for their guidance and support to receive my Canadian PR.It is a great achievement for me. I commend the dedication demonstrated by both agencies.I need to specially commend my advisor and coordinator for this process, Mr.Varun. He was very supportive and knowledgeble,and provided me with reassurance and confidence during the entire process stages.Mr.Varun was very patient with me;he listened to me during my brainstorming queries and doubts related to this process.When the process was lengthened by the Canadian Immigration, he was always there to provide optimistic future thoughts.He kept me informed and updated during the entire immigration process.I really appreciate the remarkable, positive attitude and optimistic approach that he always kept.This gives me a great deal of pride to provide his reference to anyone who is seeking Canadian Immigration. Thank you Mr.Varun and your team for my great achievement and making my dream come true. Best wishes!

Lavanya - Received CSQ. Dream came true.

Am very happy that I received CSQ. My heart full of thanks to entire team of Xiphias who were put their heart to complete my process. Especially am thankful to Mr. Varun who was continuously supporting and encouraging me through out my process. Its been 3yrs of my file sbmission and I was almost decided to discontinue, but at that moment the whole team gave support and clarified all my doubts. I am very very happy with Xiphias. At last my dream came true. Its not my success...but it is the success of Xiphias and am very proud of Xiphias. Once again thanks to Mr. Ravi Iyer, Mr. Habeeb, Mr. Varun and all the each and every person of Xiphias. You people tremendously proved yourself.

Rajashekar Chintakunta - Thanks Universal Immigration for making it happen - PR !!!

I would like to thank Ravi Iyer for all the services that you and Universal Immigration has provided till now. My case was rejected for CSQ and you immediately took up my case and submitted for Admin Review and case was accepted. And after years of coordination received CSQ without Interview and now have PR. I would also like to thank each and every person who were involved in my case namely Candice, Habeeb, Shekhar and Sanjay. Thanks once again for making it a difference !!! Universal Immigration is the best team for Canada Immigration and would recommend others also Universal Immigration. Thanks and Regards, Raj

Deepak Bhardwaj - Thank you note

Deepak Bhardwaj & Neha Sharma – PR, Thank you Universal Immigration Hello Ravi & Universal Immigration team, We want to say a big Thank you to you and your team for navigating us through the complete residency process. We received our PR in WK 51 2015 (exactly after one year of applying at Immigration Bureau) and landed in Toronto last week. Appreciated yours’ team support to complete the process!. I must say that your team is fully resourced and has adequate knowledge for the immigration process. On the personal front, I like to thank Ravi for taking my phone calls (even at the odd hours) for attending my queries and resolving them. We wish all the best to the complete Universal Immigration crew. Keep on rising!


First of all i would like to say thanx to whole Universal Immigration team to help & guide me for achieving my goal & Dream “CANADA P.R. I had achieved my goal with the help of U.I. My especially thanx to Ravi Sir,sanjay adhikari sirand habbeb rahman sir for their guidance & prompt replies for the requirements. Thank you universal immigration

Maneesh Machatte Narayanan - Thanks to Universal Immigration for the excellent service !!!!!!!

Words cannot describe how happy I am after getting my PR, and honestly I don\'t think I would have it if I hadn\'t followed Universal immigration advice 2 years ago, they clearly explained what I needed in a professional manners . Many thanks to Habeeb, and the kind people at universal immigration you are simply the best, keep up with the good work. I will definitely refer you to all my friends. A big big thank you to Universal Immigration . My co ordinator Sanjay Adhikari was very helpful in providing legislative information about the case he was dealing with. I could confidently say he is excellent in what he was doing. The best thing is that Sanjay eased my stress to a larger extent by giving me confidence to make it through. I want to thank Sanjay because she was not only a migration agent but also a good human being in understanding my issue. I liked the friendly way of dealing, that eases a client in being normal. From the beginning to the day I got my VISA granted, I could really ease without being stressed because of Sanjay and the Universal Immigration team . I\'m personally gonna refer Universal Immigration to all my friends and known people who are in need of help.

jenifer jothirajan - Canada PR visa

PRAISE THE LORD, We are one of the aspiring immigrants who want to settle safely. It was our dream to get settle in a foreign country. Once we decided to start the process, we come to know about “Universal immigration”. When the real process started we were overwhelmed by their services and how they are treating with individual support and assistance. After all 3-4 years of patience, we are indeed with great pleasure to express the great news that we have finally received our PR VISA. Finally, we have learnt from this process are a) be patient up to your turn will come, b) be ready to submit the documents immediately after the request, c) be relax you will achieve it one day. Our heartful thanks to a man with passion and dynamics Mr. Ravi Iyer; you have enlightened many families to achieve their dreams. Mr.Shekar pant-my senior coordinator, who was always free to answer my queries and the person indeed Mr.Varun Singh ,Mrs.Lalitha Vinod Kumar my coordinators both were always with us all through the journey of PR and we thank the entire universal team. We feel great to a part of universal immigration. You people made us to achieve our dream life etc.,

Grace K Chacko - Greetings and Thanks !!!

Hello Team !!! Warm wishes of the day First of all Heartily Congratulations to One and all members of the Team who has given their valuable inputs in one or the other way for making my Visa Application a Successful one and Thank you very much for all your support and efforts !!! It was a long Journey Appling within 2 months of opening of the Quota, I was very much sure that we will receive the file number. But it was a shock when the file got rejected due to fulfillment of the seats and we got the intimation just a month before closing of the quota, Then the team helped me out for resubmission of the file with a different code and we managed to submit the file 10 days prior to closing date. This time I was having very less hope, it was just like giving one more try. This time the file got accepted and received the file number. I must say that the Team has worked a lot and put their 100 % efforts for making it till this stage. Especially Ms. Anitha Wow what should I say for Her She has guided me in every stage, cleared all my doubts. She never told me what to do, rather she always told me what to do and how to do !!! Sill I remember a day when we were having very less time for sending some forms and it was a Sunday, still she worked on it and sent me the updated forms She always guided me step by step not only from office but from her home also !!! A BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO Ms. ANITHA MAM !!! Once again Thank you Mr. Ravi Iyer Sir and The Team Universal Immigration and Mr. Nilesh Singh and The Team Kritartha !!! It will be my pleasure to give your reference and spreading the Teams success !!! Thanks and Best Regards Grace K Chacko


Finally, the long wait is over... For almost 3 years of processing, it is indeed with great pleasure to express the good news that I have finally received my PR VISA. Thank you very much to our Heavenly Father, WISE INC MAKATI & UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION, specially to my chief consultant, Mr. Ravi Iyer, my coordinator in Canada, Ms. Sangita Iyer, and my coordinator here in Philippines, Ms. Jonnah Pavusan, and to the rest of the staff who helped me thru the ups and downs, of the processing of my application. Since day one, Universal Immigration and Wise Inc Makati helped me to make every step less difficult, and provided me with efficient, honest, and dedicated service with a personal approach.They made sure that all my documents required in obtaining a CSQ and VISA are correct and complete. It was on October 04, 2014, when Ms Jonnah called me and informed me that my CSQ was already issued and that my interview was waived. I was in total shock and couldn\\\'t believe what she said. On July 16, 2015 I received the Medical request, and finally the Immigration Department issued the Visa last January 8, 2016, and stamp on the passport. Thank you very much once again to Universal Immigration & Wise Inc Makati for helping me achieve my dream to move to Canada. No words can express how thankful I am for receiving this blessing and for helping me achieve my CANADIAN DREAM! NOUS VOUS REMERCIE UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION & WISE INC MAKATI. They\\\'re absolutely the wisest choice. Think BIG. Think WISE!

NImcy Paul - Thank you Universal

My soul magnifies the Lord ,and my spirit rejoices in God my savior, for the mighty one has done great things for me ,and holy is his name.(Luke:1:46,49) Life being an irmmigration stage to the one of the wonderful country Canada Inorder to accomplish this amauzing opportunity is with only the help of God and our Universal Immigration Team. The idea of bending to Canada came to our mind after discussing with Mr Jacob John (Access Immigration )and later with help of him and universal immigration we started collecting documents and submitted the application on June 12 .subsequently received the file number on September 2012.we are sure that the application has been accepted due to the clarity in our documents and applications processing done by our co - ordinator Mrs LALITHA VINOD KUMAR and mantor Mr Shekhar pant.heartfull thanks to them. Further we received the Quebec selection certificate on November 2014.without interview and subsequently submitted the federal application on jan 2015.The medical invitation received on June \'15 and finally Immigration Department issued the Visa on 26.Oct.2015 and same has been stamped on the passport. Now we are planning to leave Canada on Feb end. The above details we have included on my testimony is because of two things : 1)Follow the instructions strictly, providing by the co ordinator for collecting documents and application submission. 2)Please be cool about processing period taking Once again we mention our heart full thanks for all the advice and instructions delivered by Mr Revi Iyer,Mr Shekhar Pant,Mr Jacob John (Access Immigration )and Mrs Lalitha Vinod Kumar (our co ordinator )and the entire Universal Team for achieving this amazing opportunity received by us. ========== Regards Nimcy and Family

Karthik kumar - PR

Thanks to the universal immigration to help me achieve my dream to move to Canada with my family. It was a very smooth process due to their professionalism and proper guidance. Special thanks to Mr.sailesh and sandeep Saini.

Praveen Kumar Govindarajan - Thanks to Universal Immigration & Xiphias

I would like to express my gratitude to both Universal Immigration & Xiphias for guiding me to receive my PR. They are professional in every sense. Dedicated Team gives you much needed support to overcome situations we come across while processing our application. Special Thanks to my coordinators. Cheers!

Joel Ray Dee - Road to Success - Visa on Hand

I am one of a lot of aspiring nurses who wants to go abroad immediately. Before getting my visa, I have been to a lot of agencies who offered visa assistance. One of the unfortunate events that happened was when I first sought immigration to Canada, I was a victim of an unscrupulous immigration consultant promising an Employer in Canada under Working Visa and yet nothing happened. Thereafter, I tried my luck for a student visa in another immigration agency and still it was very unfavorable – waited for more than a year. They make promises they cannot keep, and take your hard earned money. Until one day a friend of mine referred me to WISE Agency. For 2 consecutive misfortune of getting a visa, I was quite hesitant of trying it out. But because I know someone who already immigrated successfully to Canada through their assistance that prompted me to visit the said agency and give my last shot! A day after we talked, I went to WISE Agency and luckily I got the chance to talk with Sir Ben, Chief Executive Officer of WISE. I confided everything that I went through with Sir Ben – all my frustrations during my application processing with other agencies. Sir Ben answered me, Joel do not worry we will be here to help you with your application. We will be with you every step of the way of your application process – that statement bring me back to life and believe that this company views my trust as a valuable commodity. It was not that easy when I started processing my application. It was not like a bed of roses that everything will turn the way it was planned and in only a small span of time – Voila! You will have your visa. But… I never give up because I believe that attainment of success have to go through a whirlwind of frustrations and struggles. There is no success without hardship. “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” – Sometimes you may feel like that is just a saying, but it is absolutely not. Why? It is simply because … Few years after resilient and scrupulous application processing – THE LONG WAIT IS OVER – Finally, the visa is in my hands!!! (I closed my eyes, begun to pray then tears of joy dripped down my eyes) Proudly I can say that I have made a very WISE decision of choosing and trusting WISE Agency in cooperation with Universal Immigration as my Immigration Consultant. I could not thank Sir Ben enough for the assistance and words of encouragement. To Ma’am Jona – for being so accommodating with me every time I went to the office before when she was still assigned in Cebu and for helping me always whenever I have a challenge with my application – she is just a call away. To the Universal Immigration Team (Sir Ravi, Sir Shekhar, Sir Karthik and Ma’am Lalitha) – they are very patient in responding to all my email queries. To Miss Genevie – she is just so kind and very considerate; whenever I am feeling frustrated because of the turnout of events and mild tribulations she never failed to encourage me and keep going. To my Parents – they are always there for me especially in providing financial assistance. Now I can say God has really a perfect timing for everything – never early neither never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it’s worth the wait. To WISE Cebu and Universal Immigration – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream become reality!

AMANPREET SINGH BATTH - Parents Sponsorhip -Visa Issued Thanks & well wishes for Universal Immigration

My experience with Universal Immigration is very Good .Staff is very Kind ,helpful and knowledgeable.I highly recommend their services for any Immigration matter.I want to say thanks to especially Mrs. Candice for helping us till final day of our application with patience and her expertise in field. Thanks. Aman

Mariam Thomas - Thanks to Universal immigration

I dont have any words to express the happiness, Through tbe dedication and hard work of Universal immigration i got My CSQ without interview.Especially i want to thank Mr Ravi Iyer sir & Ms.Vidya my cordinator for clearing the doubts then and there. I am recommending Universal immigration for hassle free immigration.

Mariam Thomas - Thanks to Universal immigration & Xiphias immigration

I dont have any words to express the happiness, Through tbe dedication and hard work of Universal immigration i got My CSQ without interview.Especially i want to thank Mr Ravi Iyer sir & Ms.Vidya my cordinator for clearing the doubts then and there. I am recommending Universal immigration for hassle free immigration.

Sindhu Koneru - Thanks to Universal immigration and Visu international

I am very happy to say my PR has been approved.All this happened with the continuous support by universal immigration staff.They left no stone unturned in processing my case.I specially thank Mr.Ravi Iyer, Ms.Sangitha and Ms.Vinutha for their advice and being patient with my questions.I am very impressed with the dedication of staff and has recommended universal immigration services to many of my friends.Anyone those who want to immigrate to canada should approach universal immigration for hassle free guidance and commitment towards processing clients applications.I once again thank all the staff of universal immigration for making my dream come true

Catherine Nacaytuna Bucad - Thank you

Nisha Jose - Thank you note

It was my dream to get settled in a foreign country. Once I landed in Canada under students visa, I realized there are lots to pass through to attain my goal. My sincere thanks to Mr.Ravi Iyer and to universal immigration, for guiding me through all my immigration requirements. All the advices given by Mr.Ravi was very helpful and perfect for my situations. The staffs are proffessional and dedicated. I specially thank Ms.Veidhya to help me through my LMO application, and to Ms.Sandeep for all your patience and guidance to attain my PR through Express Entry. I would happily reccommend the servicesof Universal Immigration to all those who like to settle in Canada. I once again thank Universal Immigrations for helping me to achieve my goal.

ANNIE JOSEPH - Thanks to Universal Immigration and Lexicon International

\"THE ESSENCE OF ALL BEAUTIFUL ART, ALL GREAT ART, IS GRATITUDE\" Thankyou YOU GOD. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the Universal Immigration Team,and Lexicon International. A special word of thanks and enormous gratitude to Mr. Ravi Iyer and Mrs.Lalita Vinod for this great achievment, making a dream come true ,it would have not been posible without their help and support. I got my CSQ without any interview,and now here I stand eagerly waiting for my Visa .My sincere appriciation towards all the team for their hardwork. THANKYOU ALL.

HARSH - permanent residence

I am really happy to say that I got my permanent residence in february of 2014 through universal immigration. It would have been difficult to achieve a valid status in Canada without universal immigration. The professionals working in this firm are so honest and enthusiastic. The process was smooth. Universal immigration offers quick service. The moment they heard back from CIC, they will inform us right away and even requests us to be quick.. I would recommend everyone to apply through universal immigration. They will make easy process for us..!!

Gaylyn Sario - Testimonial

Bonjour tout le monde! One of my close friend talked to me about a good immigration consultancy. I was very interested to know until she introduced me to WISE Consultancy. When I went there I was overwhelmed by their services on how they cater their clients and explaining the proper immigration procedures with the help of the Universal Immigration. At first, I was doubtful to pursue due to some reasons like studying French because it\'s difficult in my part to study and to take care my family especially I\'m having two kids. Thank God that I was able to pass French exams. Second week of September 2013 I received my file number, then five (5) months after, it was really a God\'s wonderful gift that they announced I was one of the applicant who received the CERTIFICATE DE SELECTION DU QUEBEC (CSQ) without interview. Finally, our Canadian Visa has arrived. Thank you God! I would like to thank all the staff of Universal Immigration especially my coordinator Ma\'am Sangita Iyer and Ravi Iyer. I thank also all the staff of Wise Consultancy especially Sir Ben, Sir Jonathan, Sir Dinnes, Sir Ralph and Ma\'am Genieve for assisting me all throughout my application. I never regret in entrusting my application in Canada. I salute you Universal Immigration and Wise for the excellent services you had given me despite of all my queries you had been patience and approachable in answering me. I will recommend to all of my friends your good services. Thank you very much for making our dreams come true. I hope you will persist to help others to fulfill their dreams. To God be the glory.

Raj - New Immigrant - Spousal Sponsorship Case

I recently became a Canadian Resident, thanks in part to Candice and Ravi Iyer at Universal Immigration. This process was very smooth and painless because of all the attention to details by Universal Immigration. Candice kept me informed and updated during the whole process. I was able to reach out to Mr. Iyer with any questions i had. He was very knowledgeable and listened to all my concerns. I appreciate Universal Immigration for their due diligence in this matter.

Richelle Obiso - my testimonial

i am very grateful to the universal team especially to Ms. Candice and Ms. Rajeshwari who tirelessly facilitated my application for a PR in Quebec. Finally, the much awaited visa is in my hands and thanks to you for helping me achieve this dream. It would have not been possible without your constant help and follow ups with my application. It was indeed a great decision that I entrusted you my dreams. I just wish you more power ang God speed. Thank You for a million times.

Lima Geogy Samuel - Thanks to Universal Immigration & Xiphias

I am very happy to say that I got my Canadian Permanent Residence Visa under Quebec Skilled Worker Programme. I achieved my goal very smoothly with the help of Leading Team of Migration Universal Immigration,Canada with Xiphias Immigration Banglore.I express my Heart felt gratitude for all those things that you have done for me to get my PR. My sincere thanks to Mr.Ravi Iyer and his team (Universal Immigration). Mr. Varun Singh and team (Xiphias Immigration). Especially my Co-ordinator Mr.Shekhar Pant. Great guidance and supports from Mr. Shekhar is so valuable in entire stages of processing. Regular updates and motivation in all areas of processing was beneficial for me Mr. Shekhar who kept me informed each and every step and his quick response to all my emails was useful. He generously gave me the assurance and confidence that needed for my CSQ interview Xiphias Immigration is one of the fast processing team in India. In addition, valuable supports from Universal and Xiphias helps me to Obtain what I need( MY Canada PR)thereby, I could reach my long cherishing dream country.What I realised is that Universal is the best team for migration Purpose in the world. So, I would like to recommend Universal Immigration Canada to all those who plan to migrate. Thank you very much…

Sukhwinder singh Kang - Thanks to Universal Immigration

I am and my family is saying this with proud that the other name of universal immigration is \"FUTURE BUILDER\". I am the first person from ARMY MEDICAL CORPS (INDIA) who got the Permanent residence on the basis of my nursing studies from army and it has became possible only because of Universal Immigration. We always remain thankful to honorable Ravi sir ,Sangeeta Madam & Mr. Jatinder Mahajan.Our experience with Universal Immigration was as same as our experience with our own family.We are very much impressed with the way universal immigration deal their clients ,their step by step guidance ,their originality.We are very happy to share our experience.Once again we are thankful to universal immigration.

selvakumar - Thanks to ravi iyer & sangeta

i\'m here with my family as a permanent resident because of mr. ravi iyer such a great person we never seen . i think the god is in the form of ravi iyer and universal immigration Thanks a lot

Pardeep Grewal - Successful dream

God bless you all. I would like to say thank you to all members of universal immigration especially Ravi sir and sangita mam. She helped and guide us to achieve this goal n dream. She give the prompt replies for the requirements thanks again.

Edolfin Edward - A simple note of Dream Destination

Finally !!! The much awaited moment has arrived I have procured my visa to canada. I\'m very happy to share my experience !!! After my graduation, I had an intention to go abroad. Canada !!! Its my dream from my childhood. I found Universal Immigration by the reference of my friend. It was the right decision by me to prefer Universal. universal helped me in each stages of migration process and thus i could reach my Dream Destination easily. Mr. Ravi Iyer and his team helped me for my documentation works and it was because of them i could complete the files and submited it Before time. Now Its my Turn. I\'M going to fly canada on November 20th. My Sincere thanks to Universal Immigration to change my life to higher level and special thanks to Mr. Shekhar Pant. Now I can tell that \'UNIVERSAL Immigration\' is one of the best and Leading Team for migration process. So I recommend Onliners; make use of this service and Oppertunity.

Prasad karambelkar - A Warm Thanks for Great Service

I am very thankful to Mr. Ravi & his team to help me to get Permanent Residence Visa under Skilled worker category. I saw advertisement in our community magazine & contacted to Universal Immigration. I never thought of getting such a great, reasonable & hurdle less service. I got my immigration very smoothly. I would like to recommend everybody to take Universal Immigration services for peace of mind. I wish Mr. Ravi & his team a best luck & keep up the great work.

Rahul Nandasoonu - Thanks to Universal Immigration

I have immense pleasure in informing u that my visa application got approved. I would love to express my sincere gratitude for all those great deeds that you have done concerning my admission in Fanshawe college. I owe you a lot for the guidance that you have kindly granted for the procedures of my visa application. I was able to get through all those procedures in the concerned time which would have been impossible without your kind support. Once again I express my heartfelt gratitude for all those things that you have done in making my dreams come true.

Benita Jones - A note to thank Universal Immigration...

Universal Immigration helped me to bring back my dream which was falling apart to reality. I am very grateful to Mr.Sourabh who assisted me from day one till today. Being a very prompt person and his positive attitude towards the dealing of my application was remarkable. Even at times when I almost felt like giving up, he supported me with all the necessary guidance and support. Once again I thank you Sir, and all the people who were working behind the scene for my visa to come through. I would without any hesitation recommend Universal Immigration to all my friends who would want to go to Canada. God Bless you all and keep up the good work.

Mrs.ArunaBoopathi - Finally, dream comes true!!

We received our PR visa last week in an amazingly. Finally, dream comes true!! I wish to thank your entire team for making our dream a reality. I really want to express my heartiest gratitude towards Mr. Sambath Kumar,and Mr. Ravi Iyer & Mr.Senthil(Auditor)&Mrs. Sangeetha Iyer. All the paper work, advices, what need to do and all those stuffs were fabulous and on time and due to which one of my long term dream of becoming a PR of Canada has come to true. There were so many queries regarding each and every step and sometimes I was very impatient about those one also, but Mr.Sambath Kumar & Mr.Senthil (Auditor) resolved each and every one patiently. I never found any communication gap and I have got the quickest response for all my queries The journey with Universal Immigration has been a remarkable one and therefore I would like to recommend to my friends. Thanks again and Best Regards, Mrs.Aruna Boopathi.

Lima Geogy Samuel - Thanks to Universal Immigration

I got successful in obtaining the CSQ. It is a great achievement for me. I am very thankful to Universal Immigration & its staff especially to my co-ordinator Shekhar Sir for the excellent services that he provided to me. When I planned about Quebec immigration at that time the validity for my ielts was only left for 28 days but the prompt guidance, accurate information and valuable support from you all helped me to submit my initial application on January 4th and my IELTS expired on 23rd January. I got my file number by March 2nd then within a period of 1 year I got my CSQ. Lot of preparations as per guidance given by Universal Immigration and up to date information enabled me to perform well. Mock interview conducted by Ravi sir was very useful. Thank you to you all for all the support and excellent customer service.

Clarie Ann Cagoco - Merci pour tout!

MAY 8, 2013 - The day that changed my life forever. For me, it was not just an ordinary day. It was a PIVOTAL moment. Whatever happens that day could either make or break me. So many things are on the line that all I can do is close my eyes and pray for the best. As I was waiting for my interview, so many things flashed back before my eyes. A year ago, everything was completely different. I was on the verge of giving up then. Just like any daughter who wants to give her family a better future, I have tried my best to do everything that was necessary; taking exams, finding agencies that can help me live my dream, even putting on hold any personal interests of mine. Unfortunately, it seemed that every effort I made then were futile. I was at my weakest. Until, I decided to come along with my parents to Camiguin. That was when it all started. I came to know WISe, Inc. and Universal Immigration through Sir Ralph Caiña, who happens to be my third-degree cousin. At first, I was hesitant considering all the bad experiences I\'ve had before. Aside from that, after telling me that since they are offering Canadian Immigrant Visa through the Quebec Skilled Workers Program, I have to learn French. FRENCH. I know learning a new language, let alone French, can be difficult. But, all of the negative thoughts I had eventually disappeared when I saw all their record of achievements. I also read reviews from different forums on the internet and a lot of people are saying good things about them. I immediately commenced my application with them through Skype conferences and emails since their office is located in Cebu City and I live in the Davao region. The first few stages, especially the gathering of documents, were gruelling. But the all the staff was so accommodating to my almost unending queries and helped me achieve everything as soon as possible. While waiting, I started learning French through online classes, reading books and listening to French music. Five months passed, I got my file number from the Visa office. After another two months, I got my notice for interview. It was that fast. Actually, I was shocked with the sudden surge of news. Coupled with prayers and determination, I immediately took a French exam three weeks prior to my interview, which I am blessed to have surpassed successfully. And the moment has finally come –The day of my CSQ interview. I was lucky to have my interview in Cebu. I heard it was the first time the BIQ-Hong Kong has decided to come to Cebu to conduct the CSQ interview. I know I prepared well. I studied everything I can about Quebec, made extra effort to learn French through supplemental one-on-one classes with a native French speaking teacher. Yet, I can’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach. This is it! I’ve worked and prayed so hard for this moment to come. As I waited on what has to be the longest day of my life (waited almost an entire day for my interview), The Immigration Officer arrived and the interview began. He first told me what should happen during and after the interview, then he asked for some of my original documents such as passport, transcripts, and etcetera. Afterwards, he assessed my French abilities (He asked, in my case, only basic questions about me) as well as my knowledge of the Quebec province and the licensing process for nursing there. After just over half an hour, he gave me the positive verdict and printed my CSQ on the spot. That was the most exhilarating feeling ever! Finally, I am going to QUEBEC, CANADA! Truly, a ONE BIG LEAP towards my Canadian dream. I can’t thank WISe, Inc. and Universal Immigration enough. Their combined tireless efforts as well as their genuine and trustworthy service are truly commendable. To Sir Ravi, Sir Shekhar and Ma’am Lalitha, my Canadian coordinator of Universal Immigration Canada; To Sir Ben, Sir Ralph, Ma’am Jonnah, Ma’am Gen, Ma’am Leah and to all the kind staff of WISe, Inc. Cebu, JE VOUS REMERCIE BEAUCOUP POUR TOUT! Kudos to everyone! I take pride of being their first ever successful applicant in the Davao region and I am encouraging everyone in Davao to apply through WISe and UI.. They are truly experts in their field.

Jo Evan Quilala - Thanks

Securing our future for tomorrow was made possible with the help Universal Immigration Services Canada and Wise UK London. In less than a year since we heard of Universal Immigration and Wise UK, I am now starting my future in British Columbia, Canada under work permit. In few months time I’ll be looking forward for my wife and my daughter to join me. Jonathan of Wise UK London did not give us empty promises. He laid his cards to us and everything was clear and the processing for my work permit was very detailed. I submitted my work permit visa application on the 24 of January 2013 and in less than 2 months I had my work permit visa approved. Once again I would like to express my sincerest thanks to Ms Veidhya my co-ordinator from Universal Immigration Canada and Jonathan of Wise UK London for helping my dreams turns to reality. Joey Quilala

VIRAL PATEL - Thanks to universal immigration

I am very thankful to Ravi sir and Ms. candice because of their great job I got my permeant residency under federal skills worker for Canada without any queries. I would suggest my friend to use great services of universal immigration. thank you so much to all their staff.....

Ranul J. Bacusmo - Daghan Kaayong Salamat! (Thanks a lot!)

I would like to thank, Universal Immigration Services, for helping me obtained my Canadian Student Visa. For the untiring support during the process. To Sourabh Kohli for the assistance in obtaining the school offer and entry, with your personalized approach, things have been easy for me; to Ravi Iyer, for the valuable information that you shared, answering all inquiries and allaying my fears about the process, you\'ve opened up my horizon for the different options. To World Immigration Services (WISE) Inc, for walking me through each step of the process; to sir Ben, for the professional advice; to Mam Leah and Mam Jen for helping me out with my documents. To EVERYONE, my undying gratitude.

Brendon Martin Borgonia - Salamat kaayu!

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Universal Immigration services particularly to sir Ravi for providing us with valuable insight on matters pertaining to immigration and most specially to sir Sourabh for his patience and dedication in facilitating our communication with the school as well as matters concerning our visa and for guiding us every step of the way on our first few steps here in canada. I would also like to thank their partner Wise Immigration Services in the philippines and all their staff; to Sir Ben who worked tirelessly in assisting us from the start of our application process up to the time we left for Canada. I would also like to thank mam leah for her tireless efforts in making sure all the documents we presented were in good order. To my IELTS instructors for helping me sharpen my english language skills and bolstering my confidence prior to the exam.

Tony George - Thank you for excellent Service

i would like to thank universal immigration and its staffs for the great service provided by them ...i recieved my pr visa under quebec skilled worker scheme..especially i thank Ms candice mam and co ordinater karthik for the great work they did for me...thank you

ryan soriano - Maraming Salamat! Tank you!

I would like to thank Universal Immigration and their subsidiary in London and Philippines, the Wise group. Through them I was able to achieve my dream of coming here in Canada. No, me and my wife are happily fulfilling the life that we have always imagine. We are now a permanent resident here in Canada and hopefully in the next few years get our citizenship. I hope that you will also continue to believe and achieve your goals of coming here or in other country and they can help you with that. If you wish to obtain the services of Universal immigration and their partners, I can assure you that your application with them will be smooth and they will guide you along the way. Thank you Universal Immigration and Wise Inc. Godbless!

Harinder pal Sahota - Thanks!

I would sincerly thanks to Universal Immigration team members & specialy to Sangita mam which processed our Immigration file to canada in better way from beginning to the end Bcz there are many crook agents which are hungry only for money & duped the innocent people & destroyed their dreams also but like Universal Immigration truthful agents are still alive which saved their profession through her better services.Finally wish you all the very best. May God bless them success in future.

Stella Sanchez - Wise and Universal Immigration are Best!!

I would sincerely like to thank WISE Inc team and Mr. Ravi for their time, effort and outstanding services.I am very lucky to know Mr. Ben and his team who helped me to start the new page of my life and did everything to make my dream a reality. Special Thanks to Mr. Shekhar who kept me informed in every step and his quick response to all my emails. He generously gave me the reassurance and confidence i needed for my interview. During my interview, I was able to provide all the correct documents with the help of Wise Inc. After the interviewer checked my documents she ask me some questions in french and surprisingly i was able to answer her questions.I also had a jolly good time learning the french language in alliance francaise du cebu ,though its kinda hard but with all the prayers, I passed the interview and got my CSQ. Choosing wise is one of the best decision ive taken!!! I wish you all the very best always and will no doubt to tell everyone how great your service is...

Arra Ginogino - Life Changing Experience

I was in London that time looking for an opportunity to permanently stay abroad. I saw an add about live in carer for Canada. I tried to research with the help of my cousin Genny Barnett to look for a consultancy that will help me get a Visa to Canada and we were able to find the Universal Immigration. Working with Universal Immigration was great. They are very supportive all through out the process of the application. They also supply all information that you need to know. my CSQ was granted and I\'m just waiting for my Visa. Thanks to my cousin Genny and to Mr. Ravi Iyer and his assistants (Veidhya Pradeep Kumar and Lalitha Vinod Kumar) and to our Heavenly Father.

almira chiu - Universal Immigration is the Key to a Wise Investment Towards Living the Dream and the Life in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

A good investment are the words that come to my mind when i think about immigrating to Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Universal Immigration and WISE, Inc. First of all, I would like to thank God, the Heavenly Father, the Holy Trinity, all His angels and His Saints especially, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and my beloved Saint Anthony of Padua, and Mother Mary for these answered prayers. Second, i would like to thank my parents,my hubby Dan Emerson and my family for all the unconditional love, all-out support and encouragement. Next, I would like to thank Universal Immigration especially to my coordinator - Mr. Karthik Srinivas and the Team and also to Mr. Shekhar Pant and Mr. Ravi Iyer for the genuine services, Universal help, and warm accommodation. THank you very much for keeping up with me together with my apprehensive behavior sometimes together with my annoying inquiries. I appreciate very much how you have handled and answered my queries with utmost sincerity and calmness. I appreciate too the UNIVERSAL help and service you have shown and catered to your clients as you don\'t only limit your service with document screening but also you deal with your clients wholistically- from documents, to the warm support and encouragement, to the valuable links to research tools, materials and guides for quebec towards a successful interview and the interview preparation techniques. Thank you also to your partner WISE, Inc. spearheaded by Mr. Ben Ryan Ybanez a.k.a. Sir Ben, Ms. Leah Ryan, Ms. Charlene Balucan Alombro, Mr. Ryan Caina, Ms. Jonah Payusan. Thank you for accommodating me warmly as always, for the patience, for the encouragement and genuine follow-up services. I appreciate it alot especially to Sir Ben, Mam Leah and Mam Charlene. Thank you very much UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION and WISE, Inc. for taking care of your clients with utmost quality service. Moreover, I would like to thank my Alliance Francaise de Cebu family and most especially to my professors- Elise Robillart and Matthias Bohne, for sharing and instilling in me the best knowledge and skills on the basics of the French Language, also, i thank you my dear french classmates for the ideas being shared about quebec and about french language, for the support and the friendship. It truly is a genuine friendship worth keeping. Next, I would like to thank New Materex Termite Exterminator for the great support. Also, to Mrs. Teresita Calvo, RN and chief nurse of Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital (VGMH) and the administrator- Mrs. Trisha Gullas and to the VGMH staff, thank you for the support and encouragement and to my friends there too. To Cebu North General Hospital and Staff, thank you for the good camaraderie, workmanship and experience i had as staff nurse there, too. Also to BGBNEAB H and LTC Helen Natividad, Major Ilyne Lauron and 1Lt Ares Macailing, thank you very much for the all out support and help and encouragement and great advice. To Dr. Demetrio Lerin and San Isidro Medical Clinic and Hospital and Staff in Davao, Thank you very much for the help and warm support too. Also thank you very much Cebu Doctors\' University especially to the dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Marilou Alvar, RN, MAN, DODT and Mam Delgie, thank you for always accommodating my concerns. Moreover, to my closest friends - drei, flor, kathy, marielle, stefie, sue, lloyd etc. Thank you for the genuine and true friendship and for the inspiration. All of these entities I thanked mean a lot to me. I could write a book to thank you, but let me sum it up in a few words.. A MILLION THANKS TO YOU ALL!!! MERCI BEAUCOUP TOUT LES MONDES!!! Now I would like to share a glimpse of my breathtaking and successful CSQ interview experience. November 8, 2012, is a memorable day for me since it is the turning point of my life towards success. I feel that success is within my reach and is now within my grasp. Honestly, I have come prepared, I have done enough research about quebec and montreal, the government, the economy, the fundamental values, cost of living etc. and along with my research is my deep and ardent prayers. And, I am thankful I was interviewed with a good mood visa officer. He asked for my documents and told me the interview will be in english in french. The first part was easy as he asked my documents and talked in english. As i showed him my Delf A1 and A2 Results, he found it weird that I had higher mark in the harder exam which is A2 than my A1. So he told me he will test my french skills. and so he did.. He asked me several questions which i lost count in french, which covered from my personal and family profile to likes and dislikes, to watching television to film and etc. He asked in french and i answered in complete french. He was happy with my answers and found me as one of the good candidate because I understood him even with the quebecoise accent which is quite different from the french accent. I am glad I have reached his expectation and was satisfied with my answers, thus a CSQ was granted to me. So once again, Thank you and hopeful to tell more successful stories about me and family in the near future. Encore une fois, Je vous (UNIVERSAL IMMIGRATION and WISE) remercie de l\'aide avec ma candidature a Quebec au Canada! A bientot a Montreal au Canada mes amies et tout les mondes! Dieu nous benisse toujours. Et bonne chance a nous! :)

T Youdon / Tintu Mol - A Note of Thanks

Its been 3 days now.It was a difficult moment in Airplane but people are very friendly.A lady sitting next to me was very caring and helpful.Mr Vijay and Mr Govin are very good and friendly,they are helping us out like picking us in airport,finding an accommodation, getting SIN card,etc. Thanks to all the members of Universal immigration for helping us once we reach our destination. Where we see new people,place. Have no idea what to be done when we reach. We say thank you to Mr. Vijay and Mr. Govin also alot.Yes it takes time for us to get Medicare and SIN card because we need a lease but being patient is all we need to get our SUCCESS.THANKS to all once again

Youdon. T - a note of thanks

Its been 3 days now.It was a difficult moment in Airplane but people are very friendly.A lady sitting next to me was very caring and helpful.Mr Vijay and Mr Govin are very good and friendly,they are helping us out like picking us in airport,finding an accommodation, getting SIN card,etc. Thanks to all the members of Universal immigration for helping us once we reach our destination. Where we see new people,place. Have no idea what to be done when we reach. We say thank you to Mr. Vijay and Mr. Govin also alot.Yes it takes time for us to get Medicare and SIN card because we need a lease but being patient is all we need to get our SUCCESS.THANKS to all once again By Tintu Mol and myself.

M M Gandhimathi - Thank you

When many of my friends were settling abroad, I too dreamt that one day I will also settle abroad for the betterment of my children. This would have been a dream but for Universal Immigration. Mr Ravi Iyer and Ms Veidhya made my dream come true with their unrelenting efforts and sincerity in their work. I still cannot believe that I have started a new life in Canada with my family. I would like to make a special mention of the services of Mr Sampath, Campus Financial who was a friend, Philosopher and Guide throughout the application Process. He took care of the very minute details of the application and was always available for any clarification. His experience will help a lot of people like me to have a safe immigration process. Hats off and a heartfelt thank you to Team Universal immigration!!!

Neelfred Lazarus - You are in safe Hands

That, is exactly how I would like to describe my experience with Universal Immigration. From the beginning to the end, the professionalism, the expertise, knowledge, and promptness helped make my process pleasant and uneventful.

Ivy Henson - Great Job Done!!

I had my migration plans laid out since 2007. I was still studying nursing then. After graduation, i realized that I had to have working experience to be qualified to work abroad. So I have to suspend my plans temporarily. I accepted whatever opportunity there is even without pay. For 2 years, I have been a volunteer nurse for the sake of my dream. Having enough experience, I thought I can apply for abroad through an agency. Many agencies are very attractive but so expensive to think its not a permanent residency but only working or student visa. Anyways, Universal Immigration came into picture through WISE agency. The thought that I will become a citizen made my mind clear. This is what I wanted although some things were still hazy and confusing. Ofcourse, the whole journey was not without setbacks. I had to study French, pass IELTS again, (the 4th IELTS exam since I applied for Student Visa New Zealand). I remembered, Veidhya told me not to form any opinion but just to wait patiently for their further instructions. I somehow felt reassured, A big thanks to the Universal Immigration Team as well as the WISE family for all the advices, coachings, tips and constant look out for my application. It was well done and worth the wait. I will be forever be grateful!!

Banuvictor - Testimonial

We had approached many agents for immigration and were misguided by many others but when we came across the chief consultant & Director of Universal immigration, Canada, Mr Ravi Iyer, we knew that we had come to the right place. Mr. Shekhar Pant, our coordinator and processing officer represented and guided us right from the day one till the completion of the process in getting the visa. I and my spouse Victor Paul Raj sincerely appreciate their whole hearted efforts and professionalism in handling the case and being instrumental in getting us the visa to canada as PR within 8 (eight) months. They were always available to advice and guide us . We are always indebted to them and may God bless them in the future endeavours.

Rialyn Domingo and Jigfred Palma - Achieving our Canadian Dream!!!!

Finally long waiting was over.. for almost 9 months processing it is indeed great pleasure to express the news that finally we received our PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA . I would like to thank Wise Cebu( kuya Ben, ate Leah, Ralph , ms.Charlene and rest of the staff, Wise London ( Kuya Jonathan and ate Theresa) and of course Universal Immigration Canada (Sir Ravi our Chief Consultant, Ms. Candice appplicant Supervisor and to Ms. Rajeshwari our Coordinator who helping us out through out the documentation process. I just want to share to you on how it was started... It was a normal day for me here in London UK, thinking what my future will be as soon as my visa expired because that time I only have exactly 1year valid Visa. Should I renew again as a Student Visa? Should I go back home and start from scratch again? or try other country? those are the question bombarding my head. and then my phone gave me an email notification. I open my email and start reading about it. it is from Wise inc. it is about Migration to Canada, Quebec. I was doubt at first because on my knowledge i never subscribe or know somebody connected with Wise Inc. So I thought this is same as other SPAM message that keeps on flooding on my email. but because I am desperate to find a solution on my problem, I contacted them. They are quick with response, they said they do have a representative here in London named Jonathan (wise London). We set up a meeting with him to talk about the application and processing. Very accommodating guy, he explained everything step by step about what we are going to apply. I was worried at first because we are here in London and the Office is located in Philippines . What I did was, I searched some Agencies here in London and gathered information regarding their processing to Quebec, and I found out the Processing is exactly the same as WISE INC and to compared the fees WISE is more cheaper. So we decided to get registered to WISE and start the processing. Jonathan and Wise inc especially Kuya Ben based in Philippines guided me in everything, skype to skype messages and calls, document gathering, notary of important documents, answering question, etc. Start to end they will always available for you. and my application is different because I am their first applicant with de facto spouse. and we are the first approved de facto spouse applicant from WISE. Now we preparing to leave the UK this October and Start a new life in Quebec. No more words to express how thankful I am for receiving that email which at first I thought was a scam, but actually an email sent by an angel that will change our life and will help to achieve our Canadian Dream. -Rialyn Domingo

PreethaChandar - Thanks to Universal Immigration

It is indeed a great pleasure express the news that we have got our visas. We consulted many immigration agencies when we planned to migrate to Canada but chose Universal immigration finally. Thanks to Mr.Satish and Mr.Ravi Iyer who gave us the confident to proceed further in immigration through their initial talk with us. We would also extend thanks to our co-ordinators Mr. Shekar Pant and Ms.Lalitha, who never failed to respond to our queries when posted to them. Last but not least our sincere thanks to Almighty who made our combined efforts to reach success. Whenever you think of migrating - think Universal immigration.


20 June, 2012 - CSQ First and foremost,I wanna say thank you so much to all the staff of Universal Immigration and to Wise Inc. our Chief Consultant Ravi Iyer and to my coordinator Ms.Rajeshwari for providing the highest quality service.And also to Mr.Ben Ryan Ybanez for patiently guiding us all through out. I am single,23 years old and currently working as a volunteer nurse in Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital. I got my CSQ last June 6,2012.When I entered the room,I was shaking,don\'t know what to do but the visa officer just smiled and i felt he was really not intimidating at all.He then asked me personal questions in French but most of the conversations we had was in English. After checking the documents and asking several questions,he showed me my score.I wasn\'t expecting it,I really cried then he went outside the room and handed me a tissue but surprisingly,he cried too.Well,I guess it was absolutely a tear of joy and the sacrifices and prayers are all worth it.

Ryan Tan Ebuna - Nous vous remercie Universal Immigration!

20 June, 2012 - CSQ The moment my wife and I decided that we want to migrate to Quebec, we knew that our immigration plan doesn’t happen overnight but rather it is a well prepared plan, a step by step process in order for us to achieve our dreams. Since day one, Universal Immigration and Wise Inc. has helped me and my wife in manys to make every step less difficult, providing efficient, honest and dedicated service with a personal approach. They made sure that we had the right and complete documents that made the whole process in obtaining a CSQ absolutely fast and smooth. I sincerely wish to thank Sir Ben from Wise Inc. as well as his staff, and Mr. Ravi Iyer of Universal Immigration for his leadership and reliabilty; Miss Candice Krishnan who never fails to respond to my inquiries and accommodates my skype calls, and of course to my hard working and patient coordinator, Ms. Rajeshwari, Je vous remercie! Universal Immigration is absolutely the Wise choice!

Michelle Carreon Estella - A new Quebecer, Born and Baptised in Hongkong

21 June, 2012 To borrow the exact words of the consular officer who grilled me with his nerve breaking \"french questions\", \"You are now a Quebecer, Born and Baptised in Hongkong\". Such a felicitous address did not only inspire me but likewise gave me the extraordinary feeling of happiness and excitement. Happy because I got 78 points and was adjudged to be the highest pointer of the day, and excitement because soon, I will be experiencing the much anticipate offers of the MICC which I have only read during my preparation. I take credit on the advises and inputs of Ms. Loveleen and Mr. Ravi of Universal Immigration, including its local counterpart, Mr. Ben of Wise-Cebu manned by its able staff. Their guidance coupled with my prayers and hard works pave its way to the issuance of our CSQ. All of you guys took an active part in my quest for greener pasture in the largest province of Canada, Quebec. Merci Beaucoup......

Tarra Abellanosa - Merci Beaucoup Universal Immigration!! :)

16 June, 2012 It is always inspiring and exciting to hear/read client\'s testimonies who are now embracing their greater success. I, myself is one of the aspiring clients from Universal Immigration. Obtaining my CSQ on the 4th of June 2012 was indeed a nerve-wracking. I went through lots of preparations and heaps of prayers but with the help of Universal Immigration, my dreams have become to reality. Through their utmost sincerity, client-centered and for believing in my capacity were definitely the key to my success. D\'abord, I would like to extend my appreciation to Wise Inc, esp. Sir Ben and with his dynamic staff whom firstly introduce me to Universal, without them, I wouldn\'t be in good hands where I am today. Alors, to my ever supportive and patiently guiding me, my coordinator Mr. Karthik Srinivas, I salute you. Through his dedication to his work, he remarkably satisfied me with his promptness and determination. Kudos to you Monsieur Karthik! Donc, to Ms. Candice who assures me continuously and renders her services keenly. Finalement, two-thumbs up to our Chief Consultant Mr. Ravi Iyer for his enormous generosity as he chooses to help Filipino Skilled Workers to bring out our full potentials in our chosen field. As to face greater opportunity and wider expectations, I would always, always, always remember those people who have helped and believed in me. :) I commend Universal Immigration as our stepping stone towards positivity and favorably desired outcome for our future. Just believe and be wise! A big hurray to all of us! More power to Wise Inc. and Universal Immigration for a job well done!! Godspeed..

Vin and Cris - Great!!!

Universal Immigration has helped us with 2 visas for immigration from India to Canada a student visa and spousal immigration visa. While other immigration consultants made the process appear to be more difficult and expensive than it actually is, we instantly felt Universal Immigration were the people to work with for our visas. Working with both Sailesh and Ravi has been comforting and not stressful at all. They are wonderful persons for sure, always responsive with their communication. They make the process appear seamlessly easy. Do listen to their advice coz by now theyre so experienced, they know it all. We sincerely wish them all the best in their business. We hope that the underlying values on which they operate remain as sincere and client-oriented as they succeed and become global. We would definitely recommend anyone who needs to use their services.

Shiela - Universal Immigration is the Wise Decision

I find myself extremely happy to have my Canadian Immigrant Visa in less than 9 months in which I hit the target date. I am earnestly grateful for this wonderful achievement I have received because I am very sure of the people behind this. I have no hesitancy in choosing Universal Immigration because i knew from the very start their utmost experties, credibility, reliabilty, act of professionalism, motivated individual, competency, promptness and client-centered. I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Ms. Sangita who is responsible of my immigration file application. Her knowledge and skills are tough enough which I appreciated tremendously for the success of my application. Being systematic in format, cues are clustered, focus on goal to reach the visa, action & responding until reaching the finale of client status. I\'m also thankful to Mr. Ravi Iyer, chief licensed consultant; for the open door opportunities of nurses here in the Philippines. You are such a blessing to us that we know you whom you introduced the Nursing Program offered by Quebec Government.You help us fulfill our Canadian dream. I\'m very inspired by the wit & dynamism of your services. This is a testimony of dedication to a quality immigration services. To Universal Immigration and Staffs, I salute you! Keep it up!

Marie Cris Tusoy - Thanks Universal Immigration

Trusting Universal Immigration is what I believe to be the wisest decision I have made in realizing my dreams of immigrating to Canada, Quebec. Looking back from the time when I was just starting my application, I can truly say that everything went fast and smooth. I greatly acknowledge the people behind Universal especially Mr. Ravi Iyer for his credibility as the Chief Consultant; Miss Candice Krishnan for her continuous guidance all throughout my application and Mr. Karthik Srinivas for his prompt response and assistance. Their expertise, professionalism, transparency and promptness are the main factors why I can say that they are outstanding and reliable. I am confident in recommending Universal Immigration to my friends and to everyone else who are hoping to make their dreams into a reality. Thank you to Universal Immigration. I wish them more success!

Amita Gajjar - Unbelievable support - Quebec Selection Certificate

Hi, it is in true as well as heart wish words that we are having a great support by the team of universal immigration Canada , mr Ravi iyer and ms veidhya are going to turn my future in success with their real efforts, for my Canada PR, wishing them best luck and god bless.

maria ava gaba-broome - universal immigration

it was a tremendous success to forward my application for permanent residency here in canada to universal immigration. it\'s been 5 years before i able to finally met my husband\'s family here in canada. within a month and a half of waiting, finally, my dream has come true. all i did is wait for my papers to be delivered at my home back in the philippines. all i can remember is just send out what papers they need and they did all the work for me. time flies and i am on my first year here as a resident of canada and i can\'t stop myself from thanking this people behind where i am right now and meeting every member of the family of my husband here in canada. i am working now and enjoying my first winter, loving every minute of my stay here. in behalf of my husband and my stepson, we thank you from the bottom of my hearts. we wish you continuous success and we will recommend you to those who needed help with their papers and they will be taken care of in no doubt. cheers!

Neetu Sharma - Dream come true with the help of Universal Immigration

First of all i would like to say thanx to whole Universal Immigration team to help & guide me for achieving my goal & Dream “CANADA P.R\". I had achieved my goal within a year , with the help of U.I. My especially thanx to Ravi Sir & Sangita Mam for their guidance & prompt replies for the requirements.

Akshay - Feedback

We hired Universal Immigration\'s services for migrating to Canada. Though there are so many similar immigration consultants, we preferred to go with Universal for the primary reason being their fee was very very reasonable. Once we started the process, during every stage, we could see how professional and helping their team is. Very transparent, provided regular updates during every stage of the immigration process, guided us correctly and very prompt in responding to our questions and concerns. Very very satisfied and have recommended my friends to go with them for their immigration needs. Would highly recommend Universal Immigration to anyone.